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You have learned so far that all feelings give off vibrations, either positive or negative. Abundance is a feeling and that’s GOOD news. Why? All feelings can be duplicated! Abundance is a feeling and that feeling has a corresponding vibration that you can duplicate.
In many cases people are duplicating the feeling of lack, sadness or hopelessness simply by the thoughts and the words they use.

Given that you can generate feelings by your words and thoughts, you can learn how to duplicate the feelings of abundance more intentionally by changing the way you use your words and thoughts.

Law of Attraction doesn’t know if you are generating a thought by remembering, pretending, creating, visualizing or daydreaming. It simply responds to our vibration in that moment, and we can only send out one vibration at a time! By creating the vibration of abundance more deliberately and more often, we are including it in our Vibrational Bubble more often, thus increasing abundance in our life.

Your objective is to include the vibration of abundance in your Vibrational Bubble as often and as long as possible. The good news is it is easy to duplicate the vibration of abundance. You may be abundant in your life every day and haven’t noticed it, celebrated it, or talked about it, therefore not including it in your Vibrational Bubble.

Build a list of all the sources and resources where money and abundance can come from. Most people when asked “How could you get more money?” answer by saying that they could work more hours to earn more money, or get a part-time job to earn more money.
For these people, their belief that this is the only way to increase their abundance is a limiting belief. There are actually many, many other ways where abundance is evident in your life.

On the following page there is a partial list of areas that can be deemed as abundant. In other words, when you experience anything on the following list, for most people it generates that feeling of abundance within them.

You may also notice that in many cases the feeling of abundance is not always related to money.

Sources of Abundance (examples)

Someone treats you to lunch (or breakfast or dinner)

Someone gives you free advice or coaching

You receive gifts

You receive free transportation or lodging

You get your 2nd cup of coffee free

Someone gives you a prize

You buy something at a discount or on sale

You get to use air mile points

You win door prizes

You trade or exchange with somebody

You sell your products or services

(Add more of your own...)

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