TV Challenge Shows Hypnosis Can Help you Lose Weight!

Losing weight by hypnosis is now a pretty common thing to do. Hypnosis has long been recognized as a scientifically proven method of helping you to achieve your goals in all kinds of ways – it’s long been considered one of the best ways to quit smoking, for example. In recent years an increasing number of people have turned to hypnosis for other help as well – and they’ve found that this is a great way to lose weight and, most importantly, to make sure that the weight stays off.

As this method of weight loss has grown in popularity a lot of the popular media has picked up on its great effects. Weight problems are a matter of great concern for us as a nation after all. So, it’s no great surprise to see hypnotherapy regularly mentioned on TV as a tried and tested solution for sustained weight loss.

Recently, for example, Dateline NBC followed 6 people who were due to attend their high school reunion. It was their 25th anniversary and they had 10 months to achieve their goals – each of them had to want to lose a set minimum amount of weight and they all had to be willing to try a different method of weight loss. This was designed to show just how well (or badly!) each weight loss solution might work.

So, each member of the group was given the option of choosing a different weight loss route to follow. These included Weight Watchers, extreme exercise, the Atkins diet, Slim Fast, the Jorge Cruise weight-loss program and – of course – hypnotism.

Now, it’s easy for us to claim that hypnosis will help you lose weight and maintain weight loss. We know that this kind of program will help you simply because it helps you re-program the way you think about food so you can modify your eating habits with no real effort. All you need is the real desire to lose weight.

But, to reinforce this the NBC show threw up some interesting results. The guy who opted to take on the hypnosis method was placed first at the three month point and second at the five month point with a weight loss of 39lbs. Second place not sound so good? Well, the first place here went to the Atkins dieter – and, as with any extreme diet, there is a risk here of health problems and a very real chance of re-gaining weight again as soon as you stop the diet and start regular eating again.

The fact is that hypnosis gives you a cure for life – it can change the way you view food and the reasons why you eat it. And, it can reinforce the work it does here with a positive attitude towards exercise and living a healthy life. So, it’s far easier to lose weight as you will be actively working towards maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle on a subconscious level. And, this doesn’t stop in the way that a diet does as once you re-program the way you think it stays with you.

As a side issue, the wife of the guy who took on hypnosis was so impressed by the way it worked that she signed up for sessions to quit smoking as she could see how well it worked for him. And, it worked great for her too…..

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