Hypnosis to Quit Smoking in one hour – Can it be done?

In spite of those products, you are likely to return to square one, or even worse, you may end up smoking more than you did at the time when you planned to abandon the cigarettes. If you have tried giving up, you will also have found that NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) products do replace the nicotine in smoking, but they do not replace the smoking habit.

In some cases, people remain smokers for years after giving up, simply because they still miss their cigarettes. They maintain some nostalgic notion about smoking and they are almost every day tempted to light up again. Most of them do revert back to smoking at some stage. If you have indeed tried everything else, including acupuncture and counseling, there is another method of smoking cessation, which has a completely different approach to helping you to give up: Clinical Hypnotherapy, better known as Hypnosis.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is the application of hypnosis for medical purposes. There have been countless studies, patient-controlled, as well as individual and group clinical trials. Without exception, those studies clearly prove that hypnotherapy not only works, but works extremely well. The studies also prove that hypnotherapy is the ideal method for giving up smoking very quickly, (often within one hour) without any noticeable side or aftereffect. A smoker becomes a non smoker after an hour’s hypnotherapy session and doesn’t need any nicotine replacement products or any counseling. The need for nicotine has gone completely, there are no mood swings, there are no withdrawal symptoms, the smoking habit has been completely removed and life continues without tobacco products, which are quickly forgotten and never missed.

Many people are reluctant to subject themselves to hypnotherapy, as they confuse hypnotherapy with stage hypnosis. The two are completely different and not even in the slightest bit related. Stage hypnosis is done by clever entertainers picking outgoing individuals from the audience to come on stage. Those individuals are then coerced and manipulated into acting out all manner of audience entertaining spectacles. The “go to sleep” command is a clever trick that persuades the audience to believe that this is real hypnosis. However, when the Stage Hypnotist lays a hand on the shoulder, at the same time, his thumb is pressed firmly against a tendon in the neck, so that by reflex, the head falls sideways in order to avert the pain. Hypnosis is never even remotely part of that process. If anything, Stage Hypnosis gives hypnotherapy a bad name, as people worry that under hypnotherapy, they are being made to do things against their will and that their minds are being controlled.

How does Clinical Hypnotherapy work? How is it remotely possible that a smoker who has been severely addicted to tobacco products and nicotine for several decades, smoking, 30, 40 and in some cases even 80 or more cigarettes-a-day, now gives up, without any problems and never wants to smoke again? That same smoker, who tried to give up many times over the years and never succeeded, has given up after only a one hour’s hypnotherapy session, without a fight, and without any problems. On the other hand, there are those who suffer for months, if not years, to quit, spending a lot of money on NRT products and never really manage to shake off the habit. They feel very unhappy about the whole “giving up” experience. It has dented their confidence and they end up continuing to smoke, against their will, only because they don’t know how to give up. If only looked into hypnotherapy…..

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