Candle Magic

Candles increase your chances for a successful spell
greatly. In fact, Candles are so effective in magical
workings that one could work magic with only candles
as their tools. This type of magic is called "Candle
Magic" Carving or "writing" on candles adds to the over
all power of your spell, using a magical alphabet adds
mystery and a connection to our ancient "magicians" of the past.

I frequently use Pictish Swirl Script to "write" messages,
and words into my candles for spells or rituals, it is an
old script used by the Pecti-Wita magical tradition. I find
it easy to use once on a "roll" and MUCH more interesting
looking than my normal "English" alphabet.

When I "carve" a candle, I use a simple pen, of course it
is a special pen, I keep on my altar, but I find it MUCH
easier to control than an "awl" of "athame". Just write
on your candle like you would on paper, slowly and beware
of HOW you write, for example, if you want to "attract"
energy TO you, you would write from "top" down, to "Banish"
energy AWAY from you, you would write from "bottom" up
Candle Magic Colors

Keep in mind your intent when choosing a color of candle for magic,
use the chart below as a guide:

Red ~ Element or Fire; Energy;Passion; Lust; Blood of the Moon.
Orange ~ Changes, Ambition; Creativity; Legal Matters; Action.
Gold ~ The God; Wealth; Promote Winning; Happiness.
Yellow ~ The Sun, Intelligence; Learning; Memory.
Pink ~ Romantic Love; Healing of Emotions; Peace;Friendship.
Green ~ Earth Mother, Element of Earth; Prosperity; Abundance.
Blue ~ The Element of Water; Good Fortune; Wisdom; inspiration; Power.
Purple ~ Influencing People in High Places, Psychic ability.
Silver ~ The Goddess; Intuition; Dreams; Communication,
Brown ~ Influence Friendship, earth magic, grounding and centering.
Black ~ New moon magic, banishing, Protection; Repelling negativity.
White ~ The Goddess; Full moon magic, Spirituality; Peace; Purity.

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