vampires #8 The Coming Apocalypse

The Coming Apocalypse

For each mortal life there is a physical death and for each great Cycle of Life on this world there is an ending. For thousands of years the Undead Gods have carefully worked a scheme to create a new level of existence for Themselves and those who Truly serve Them.

Civilisation is the product of these most Ancient Ones and is also an experiment. Prior to the civilising of humankind, the Vampire population was checked by the limited human population. Humans who were simple hunters and gatherers were few in number and subject to the dangers of a natural world filled with deadly intent. Thus the Vampire was also endangered.

However, the Ancient Vampires rose up from the brutality of Their origins by the sheer force of Their immortality. As the decades grew into centuries, the most Elder Ones grew wiser as well as stronger. Apart from Their Own Vampiric Mastery (as related in the Shurpu Kishpu and retained as a sacred oral tradition to this day) They also discovered the secrets of fire, simple tools, agriculture, animal husbandry, metal smithing and weaponry.

Therefore, the Ancient Ones decided to improve the lot of the human in the same way that the human improved the lot of cattle and sheep. Civilising mankind was, for the Vampire, the domestication of the human for food. Just as human cattle ranchers breed their herds to improve the stock, so too did the Undead Ancient Gods genetically manipulate early man and closely governed his breeding though laws and taboos.

The civilising of humankind also included breaking the human spirit to maintain control. The Ancient Ones created the early religions of mankind and acted as their Gods. With the single exception of Hekal Tiamat, The Temple of the Dragon which is the Inner Temple of the Priesthood of UR, all religions of humankind have been designed or manipulated to reinforce human slave mentality. They are taught to obey and not question the Gods. They are taught to sacrifice their labours and their lives to the Gods. They are taught that the Gods are perfectly superior to humans and that they must always submit in action, thought and feeling to the desires of the Gods, whatever those desires might be.

Thus the creation of religion for humanity served the Vampire family quite well. In the earliest times, humans would directly and physically serve the Vampire will all the joy of any true worshipper of a God. Fear of punishment or death was seldom required as the human would willingly seek to obey the Vampire Gods not out of duty but out of ecstatic pleasure. For the humans openly knew in those times that there was always the possibility of rising up with the Gods and becoming Vampire themselves. This direct contact on a daily basis with the Undead continued for many thousands of years before the time of the
Renegades destroyed this ancient but Golden Age of Rule.

The Renegades, Some of Whom remain to this day, were generally younger Undead Who had not long before joined the ranks of Those Who Have Risen. Identified strongly with Their human origins, these younger Gods rebelled against the realities of human mortals serving the Undead. They felt too much compassion for those who must serve as food for the Gods. They had not taken fully the essence of true predation but remained, on some unconscious levels, controlled by Their previous religious programming. In short, They had not yet outgrown the slave mentality of the humans from which They came.

Thus came the first Great Wars. Here the Sons of the Gods gathered humans to attack those Undead yet with physical bodies and to ravage the ancient temples and shrines where sacrifice had been the Law for hundreds of centuries. Outposts beyond the Great Dark were cut off, the Gates of Power destroyed by ignorant human barbarians. Human blood flowed in rivers and isolated communities of humans, devoid of their Undead leadership, waited in numb confusion for direction.

It was during these early destructions that the first Harvests came to pass. The religions of the humans caused then to increasingly seek and sing of the return of the Gods and to release waves of lifeforce in the emotion of desire. Multitudes would gather on hilltops at the sighting of an aerial battle and become overwhelmed with longing and desire for the great Gods to descend and rule them again. The Vampire Gods, feeling this intense flow of energy, would pause from the conflict and often descend, wrapped in shimmering incandescence, to drink deeply of the flood of human lifeforce.

Commonly the humans would be drained past their survival needs and drop to the earth as desiccated husks. Thousands would give up their lives in moments and the Undead experienced more that nurturance but were uplifted, evolved, transformed. The evolutionary effects of this orgy of feeding, which came to be known as the Harvest, brought to the Undead the powers of magic, and broke their last bonds to gross material limitations. The Inner Mystery of the Transcendance of the Dream became a reality and the great Vampire family discovered the existence of the Dream Sharing of the astral universes.

Thus a new purpose was placed to the civilising of humanity. Before, the intention was to ensure the survival of the Vampire food stock through the domestication of the human. Now the Great Purpose of Dream Transendance created the goal of civilising humans to cause an exponential increase of the food supply. Thus the Undead Gods struggled to draw up the human population from thousands to millions to billions.

Then as the population would increase, Harvests would come. Now under conscious intention, the small Harvests would attract religious enthusiasm with hundreds and thousands to witness the coming of the Gods. These small Harvests would offer controlled release of highly concentrated lifeforce for the Undead to channel for greater magical purposes, such as opening a new Gate of Power to another world. Yet, the small Harvests were engineered to cause a subsequent burst of breeding activity by the humans so that the
population of the world would grow to the limits of human technology to support it.

Finally, in just the last few centuries, the Vampire-inspired industrial revolution opened the door to the tremendous expansion of the human herd so that today billions of humans eat and live on this single planet.

And so we are now approaching the Final Harvest. Like the Great Harvests of the ancient Great Wars, the human stock shall be drained in a carnage of energy release unlike anything seen before. The overabundance of humans has reached its peak and the Ancient Ones are preparing for a massive culling. The signs of approaching apocalypse have been outlined long before and are upon us.

And what shall the New World hold for those of us who have embraced the Path of Night and cast our lot with the Undead Rulers? We who are members of the Temple shall see a transformation of the consciousness of the Vampire so that the mastery of magic will be complete and enlightenment in the Dream a common birthright. The human shall, from his undeveloped stage, continue to serve as slave and food, but the Great Gates of Power shall be flung open to the farthest reaches of all possible universes and the Vampire shall be no longer restricted to the limitations We have tolerated through the millennia.

The Final Harvest is close upon us. The cities shall be swept up with the agony of billions who, in dying, will pass forth their life energies to a greater cause. The Great Undead Gods shall return to Their visible Thrones of Power in the world of men, and men shall again openly know their Rulers and their place of servitude in the order of things. Man shall be content to serve and the Vampire shall, without restriction of matter, rule both the material and astral.

Therefore it is well for those of us who wear the Winged Skull of UR to align our thinking with the coming Apocalypse. We need to embrace the predator's attitude of power and increasingly cut off any sympathy for the soon-to-be-dead billions who are and shall remain mortal. We must, each one of us, serve that we may rise to be served. To drink that we may be filled. To share our lifeforce that we may be found and remain worthy of Those Who are the only True Gods of this world.

The time grows short! Work while there is yet time! This is the ultimate purpose of our Temple! Stand tall and seize your future. Let the true slaves of this earth serve or die. Europe and Asia are in turmoil. What follows is the breaking of the Seventh Seal.

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