vampires #7 Shurpu Kishpu The Book Of Dreaming

Shurpu Kishpu The Book Of Dreaming
(From the Oral Tradition With modern commentary for the Outer Temple).

The Shurpu Kishpu is the ancient oral book of the Teachings of the Hekal Tiamat, the Temple of the Vampire Dragon. The terse sutras or Words of Power were commonly memorised and then expanded in oral instruction from experienced teachers in the Great Vampire Family. Herein are contained the essential elements comprising the Mysteries of the Priesthood of UR. To the uninitiated, the unprepared and the un-Sponsored these "open secrets" remain closed to authentic understanding and realisation.
Here is the most ancient description of the Bridge between the Worlds. Read, learn, realise and attain!

The Dream Life Is The Only Life.
The dream body and the astral body are one. The astral body lives within the living flesh body. The astral body animates the flesh body. What you call your life is this astral body.

The Dream Death Is The Only Death.
When the astral body completely separates from the flesh body this is physical death. After physical death, the astral lives on for a time until the second death when the astral also dies.

The Sleeper Is Born To Die.
The mortal is he who physically dies and then allows the astral body to also starve and die. The mortal is "asleep" to the possibility for immortality.

The Dreamer Is Born To Live.
The Vampire is he who learns the art of taking the lifeforce from the bodies of others to avoid the second death and live on as an Immortal Being. The Vampire dreams of the possibilities o flife everlasting.

The Blood Is The Life. The Vampire need not drink the physical blood of the living but takes the transmuted lifeforce which is the Blood itself to perpetuate life.

The Dream Is Made Flesh.
The Vampire can make the astral body solid to the touch of flesh humans by taking enough lifeforce. Yet the Vampire retains the qualities of the astral body.

The Dream Is In The Flesh.
The astral body is composed of a more refined form of matter and is not within the visible light spectrum. Hence the Vampire is unseen to the eye, the mirror, or the camera. The form of the astral Vampire is visible to the astral eyes of the flesh human though that form does not reflect light. A living Vampire retains a physical body. Those Who Have Risen have attained control of astral projection. The Undead Gods have abandoned the absolute need for physical bodies altogether.

The Dream Is Of The Mind.
The astral body is a shape shifter and thus the Vampire may assume any form. For rapid movement by air is the shape of bat or bird. For rapid movement by earth is the shape of wolf or cat. For invisibility is the form of fog or dust.

The Mind Is In The Dream.
The Vampire best enjoys the form of the human to merge and blend with the human herd for the Hunt. Some Vampires becoming arrogant and unheeding of the reactions of mortals will openly display their powers of flight, speed, strength, invulnerability. Such displays harm the Hunt and alert the prey.

The Dreamer Chooses The Dream.
To become Vampire requires actions most mortals will not take. To become Vampire it never a completed work for these actions must continue being taken or the second death will destroy the Vampire. To remain alive in flesh the mortal must eat, drink and protect the flesh body from the extremes of the elements. These actions require effort and the mortal must have a purpose for remaining alive to continue taking these necessary actions.

The Dreamer Loves The Dream.
The Vampire extends life by similar action. The Vampire must love his own life enough so that there will remain always before him a reason to continue taking the necessary actions to sustain astral vitality.

The Dreamer Feeds The Dream.
The Dream Sharing offers seductive death to the Vampire, for like an exquisite drug it offers the fulfilment of every wish while enervating the astral unto death. It is here that the mortal finds his fantasy afterlife until his second death chokes out this delusion.

The Dreamer Eats The Sleeper.
The Vampire understands the requisite taking of lifeforce from mortals to sustain astral life. The Vampire will endure as long as he takes mortal Blood (lifeforce) and does not himself fall prey to the pleasures of the Dream Sharing.

The Full Dream Has Power.
The powers of the astral body are responsible for most of what mortals call magic. The living Vampire will commonly utilise magical ritual to strengthen the astral body as well as to firm his commitment to immortality and the Vampire Family.

The Powers Of The Dream Are Five.
To see with astral eyes is clairvoyance. To feel with astral touch is psychometry. To hear with astral ears is clairaudience. To move the physical with the astral is psychokinesis. To speak with the astral voice is telepathy.

The Dreamer Is Known By The Mind.
The Vampire is a mental illusion to the senses of the mortal. There is no gross physical shape to see or touch. There is only the projection of the dream body of the Vampire into the mind of the mortal prey.

The Dreamer Is Not The Flesh.
The Vampire may move the physical, yet what appears to be his hand raising a glass is the psychokinetic moving of the glass apparently grasped by the intangible astral hand. The Vampire also feels he is raising the glass but if he should fail to feed upon the lifeforce and lose power, his hand would fail to move or even feel the physical glass.

The Dreamer Rules The Flesh.
The strength of the Vampire to move physical objects comes from the reservoir of energy he has taken from the living. Thus he is not limited by the mechanics of muscle and leverage but can directly surpass mortal limitations.

The Flesh Obeys The Will.
The Vampire may also move physical objects without apparently touching them with even his astral body by extending a filament of his being to the object he desires to affect. As with the astral cord of the living Vampire, this filament can be so fine as to be invisible to the perceptions of the mortal. From the perspective of the Vampire, his intention would be to wish a door closed and with his Will extended, the door closes. If he looks carefully he may perceive the filament from his body which has stretched out to perform the deed.

The Sleeper Sees The Dream.
The illusion of physical form projected to the mind of the mortal will sometimes fail to include important elements which are always present in physical reality. The mortal's mind will sometimes fail to include some common otherwise seldom noticed consequence of physical presence. The mortal may notice no image of the Vampire in the mirror or shadow cast from light. The look of surprise or bewilderment should alert the Vampire and Will that mortal to see the mirror image or shadow. Thus the mortal will relax as the full illusion is restored.

The Dreamer Sleeps In The Dream.
When the astral Vampire sleeps, his astral body remains in the same physical location. Should a mortal come upon his form there, the failed illusion of no shadow, no mirror reflection, no recording of an image through a camera, no sound recording of breathing sounds from a tape recorder - these imperfections will alert the mortal to the reality of the Vampire's astral condition.

The Dreamer Does Not Die Asleep.
The mortal does not have recourse to destroying the Vampire according to the superstitions of tradition. A physical stake of wood through the astral heart of the Vampire causes no harm. Neither will garlic nor human religious symbols such as crucifix or holy wafer produce any response in the Vampire unless the Vampire should believe such practices potent. In such case, any pain or disfigurement of the astral body is produced by the Vampire's mind alone. Unless the Vampire believes he is truly dying and enters full into the Dream Sharing (which is certain to eventually lead to astral death), the Vampire is unharmed by such ventures.

The Dreamer Feeds In Sleep.
If the mortal does not waken the sleep astral Vampire, he will encounter no body he can touch, but only an intangible holograph image. His mortal hands will pass through the Vampire's form since it is not truly physical. However, the more experienced Vampire will automatically draw lifeforce from the mortal even in deep sleep. Thus the mortal will usually faint from the sudden drain.

The Dreamer Does Not Die Awake.
Thus the sleeping Vampire, if freed from the superstitions of human culture, remains impervious to the casual mortal "Vampire killer." The Vampire, however, can pose a serious threat to another Vampire by taking his accumulated store of life energy.

The Dreamers Eat The Sleepers.
Vampires seldom prey upon each other in that the effort required to do so far exceeds the ease with which the same energies can be drawn from mortals. Further, the sense of belonging which extends between Vampire elevates their usual interaction far above such petty squabbles as those which lead mortals to fight wars and carry out vendettas.

The Dreamers Are Awake.
Vampires soon learn a love for life and respect for those of their own kind. The accumulated wisdom of centuries that an ancient Vampire may share makes his continuation an authentic value to other Vampires as compared with a relatively ignorant mortal whose small mind is filled with useless trivia and superstitious nonsense. If life is to carry meaning, and thereby ensure the life-choosing actions of the Vampire, then the comradeship of those Few Who have taken the step beyond mortality is a treasure beyond

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