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The Predator of Humans

The hierarchy of living beings on earth is based upon the food chain. Ultimately everything is reduced to the issue of who eats whom. To achieve the Vampiric Condition, the Vampire must come to a predator's perspective toward human beings. It is impossible for one to become Vampire if one is unwilling to prey upon the vital lifeforce of humans.

Yet the Vampire has been reared in human society and had been programmed by human values and human ethics. These must be overcome and transcended in order for the possibility of Vampiric Metamorphosis to take place.

Human society is confused and holds contradictory values because the human believes himself to be at the top of the food chain while remaining the prey of the Vampire. Human beings will speak of peace and harmlessness as virtues while ignoring the act of murder that places dead meat on their eating tables. Survival is always an issue of consuming food. Consuming food is the predatory act of taking the lifeforce from another into one's own body.

Human beings continually display their prey-consciousness by their eternal denial of these fundamental facts of life. They do not want to admit that life comes from the taking of life because, deep within, beyond any conscious denial, the humans are aware that they are food for their Masters. Within the lower animal kingdom we see the natural reaction of a mouse caught in the jaws of a viper. The mouse ceases to struggle and is resigned to its fate. The rabbit, too, will slacken his muscles and fight no more when the wolf has firmly seized his throat. Why is this? Why don't these creatures battle to the last breath in the slim hope that they might escape and survive? The answer is simple. As prey, these timid creatures know that their role in the nature of things is now to give up their lifeforce to the predator who has caught them. So too, human beings invariably sense that they are prey for the Vampire. Yet, unlike the mouse or rabbit, there is the spark of possibility within the human. There is that hidden potential of the human to rise up and achieve a higher evolutionary level and become Vampire.

To achieve the Vampiric Condition, then, requires far more than merely mastering the mechanics of drawing off human lifeforce into one's own body. To become Vampire entails much more than to master astral flight and employ the time-honoured Vampiric Principles. It first requires a change in attitude and viewpoint. It requires that the Vampire begin telling himself the truth about the nature of the world and the struggle for survival. It requires that he be willing to seize his own bootstraps and pull himself above the prey-consciousness of human society.

The Vampire is the predator of humans and no human, man or woman, has achieved the Vampiric Condition while retaining human identification and human ethics. These must be discarded ruthlessly with no looking back! It is either sheep or wolf. It is mouse or snake. The Vampire must choose, and will choose, for failing to consciously choose is a choice as well.

If you speak of these things to most humans they will tell you that this is a brutal and inhuman, morally-depraved perspective... as they bite into the dead animal meat or rotting plant pulp at hand. Yet what do they mean by this? They mean that they consider telling the truth about the realities of life on earth is cruel and brutal. In other words, you are hurting their feelings by talking about the truth! Yet remember, every human you see or speak to is mortal. They will die, sooner or later. Their desire to hide from the truth of life condemns them to inevitable death. As certain as the night follows the day, the human's avoidance of "hurt feelings" will cause him to feel instead the pain of his own death.

Thus the human being has the potential to rise above his status as mere prey and become a predator, something no lower animal can achieve. This triumph of the individual will has also carried the open respect of humankind throughout history. Many are the "brutal" warriors and generals who, throughout their ruthless murder of other men in war, became heroes and statesmen among the sheep who shouted their praises. And make no mistake about it, there has always been the general sexual attraction of the human female for the male who demonstrates predatory characteristics. It is only natural for the human species to be driven toward choosing predator tendencies over prey. The seeds of Vampirism are sown in the human's highest evolutionary and genetic ambitions.

Furthermore, if we truly compare the Vampire to the human, we discover that it is the human who kills to live. When a mortal man eats, he crushes into pieces what was once another living animal or plant. Crudely he tears and grinds the bodies of the dead and dying into the wet mash which he swallows into the bag of his stomach. When an ear of corn is eaten it is destroyed. The seed is killed. When a beef steak dripping in blood is chewed and mixed with saliva, the steer is dead. The animal is lost.

However, through the aeons since the first rise of the Vampire, the drawing of the lifeforce has long achieved what the human only pretends. The Vampire does not kill the human any more than a dairy farmer destroys his herd by drawing off the milk from their udders. The first Vampiric Principle is to never waste food. The Vampire who seeks entrance into the Vampiric Condition must abandon the ancient fears of the human species that being food means to be destroyed. The world's crowded "overpopulation" is the result of
centuries of carefully engineered intervention in human affairs to afford the Vampire population increases we desire. The Undead Rulers of earth have no desire to kill off their own food supply. We need the humans as much as the humans need crops and cattle.
To be blunt:

The murder of harming of any human or other animal will result in immediate and permanent expulsion from the Temple.

The predator does not waste food nor soil his own lair. While it is vital for the Vampire to free himself from the prey-consciousness of his mortal heritage, this does not give him permission to destroy the efforts of many centuries. Today, most human beings do not consciously believe in the existence of our kind. This reversal of deep-held belief did not happen by accident! Especially for those who have not achieved the Vampiric Condition and remain mortal, it is vital that Initiates cultivate the lack of belief in the reality of our kind among humans. This principle is known as:

The Truth of the Lie.

The "lie" is the existence of Vampires, which most humans now believe to be only folklore and superstitious fantasy. The "truth" is that the Vampire is very real and it is this truth that forms the basis of all Outer Temple teachings. As is revealed to higher levels with the Inner Temple, there are several different purposes behind the execution of this manipulation of human belief, but suffice it for now to simply understand that it is not wise to abuse the powers which come with the Vampiric Condition. The Undead will simply cut you off from further association if you do not abide by these simple and civilised principles. Such exile is a death penalty for any mortal, for only through the Vampiric Condition can immortality be achieved.

What is required of the Vampire is to move silently through the human world as true predator who does not alert the herd to his presence and does not betray the trust of his pack. We expect you to remain innocent of crime as defined by human society. We expect you to become wise and strong enough to avoid unnecessary altercations humans and to take their lifeforce in a covert and cautious manner. We expect you to rise above the very propaganda our kind have created and not confuse the fictitious blood-sucking "vampire" with the noble reality of the Undead Rulers of this world.

If you do not abide by these expectations we will not punish nor chastise you. We will only withdraw the Cup of Immortal Life and allow the end of your life to speed you to mortal oblivion.

The predator is patient. The lion will wait motionless for hours until the moment for action has come. So, too, the Vampire seeks to abandon the restless motion of the herd and fix his mind upon the goal of the Vampiric Condition. Cease now to think of yourself as a victim! While we demand an obedience to the laws of the human world, we do not expect you to abandon self-defence. Quite the contrary! Look upon human beings no longer as peers but as a lower species. Do not tolerate the risk of your life from a mortal, when your life has
just acquired the potential of eternity. Walk in open places with a constant vigilance for danger. Keep your hands free. If you can legally carry a weapon to defend your life, do so. If you have not acquired simple physical skills for weaponless defence, begin.

On a more subtle but important level, begin to truly rethink the obligations human beings have placed upon you. Challenge the reasons given for you to behave in passive and restrained ways. Distinguish between the wisdom of a ruthless predator and the bleating wild-eyed mindless behaviour of the human sheep. When you look at someone, sharply look through their eyes to the centre of their brain. Consider you posture as you walk and sit. Look to the cat for elegance and grace of motion.

Begin at the beginning. The foundation for achieving the Vampiric Condition begins with the acceptance of the mind of a predator. Begin now, today, this very moment to weed out the habits of thinking like prey, a simpering, self-depreciating victim of the real world. Replace these thoughts and habits with the nobility of a conscious predator.

We will be watching.

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