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The Secret Methods of Vampirism

Vampirism is the taking of the lifeforce of the human to empower the Vampire. In its essence, Vampirism is merely a more refined form of eating. The Vampire absorbs the lifeforce from the human. The human absorbs it from other animals and plants. The plants take it from the sun. The sun, too, is not the final source but a channel from other sources beyond the scope of this teaching which is reserved for the Inner Temple.

However, the chemical breakdown of nutrients and its places in the biochemical cycle (the Krebs Cycle) that transfers energy is not the complete story. Just as modern physicists are finally aware of the fact that much of the mass of the universe if "missing", biochemists remain unaware of the role of a "missing" element in the energy system of the human body. This missing element is the so-called astral universe which includes the astral bodies of all living things.

At the heart of eating is the concept of astral energy transfer. The actual transfer usually requires a discoincidence of the astral body from the physical which, in turn, usually entails a loss of consciousness. Hence after a large meal, most humans and animals will become sleepy because it is when they sleep that the true energy transfer occurs.

Another example of the role of sleep is energy absorption can be seen in those cases of extreme danger to physical survival. If a human is crossing a desert and dying of thirst, he may slump down to unconsciousness and sleep. When he reawakens, his energy level is renewed and he can continue the struggle. This happens because during unconsciousness his astral body separated to some extent from the physical body in order to permit the flow of stored energy into the various tissues of body and brain.

The most refined source of the lifeforce energy for Living Vampires is thus found in the astral bodies of humans while the humans are sleeping or in some other way not normally conscious. We often travel to the sides of sleeping humans to draw off the accumulated store of their life energy from the drowsing astral form which rests near.

To achieve this higher level of Vampirism requires the Vampire to be able to rise from his physical body in the astral with sufficient awareness and intention. The achievement of this conscious out-of-body travel requires will, practise and the assistance of The Undead Gods through Vampiric Communion. The Living Vampire who can perform the shedding of flesh in this way when desired is among Those Who Have Risen.

The Vampire Initiate aspires to this exalted level of Vampiric Mastery yet must gather the needed excess lifeforce from humans first. This lifeforce is offered up as a sacrifice, an offering to the Undead Gods in the magical ritual of Vampiric Communion. This Lifeforce offering attracts the Elder Gods and draws Them near to the aspirant so that he may be aided in invisible ways in his evolution to achieve astral control. The Loosening of the Astral Ties (which bind the astral tightly to the physical of most humans) is dealt with in greater detail as a mystery of the Inner Temple.

Yet how can the Vampire Initiate first obtain the life energies he needs in order to attract the Undead who will help him to then become an astral Vampire? The answer is surprisingly simple and, as with most effective truths, eminently instinctual.

When the human is conscious, the astral body shares the space of the physical, interpenetrating every part. However, the astral, in a normal healthy human, is usually somewhat larger than the physical body such that it will surround the physical to a distance
of often between a few inches to several feet. Those who have experienced a Loosening of the Astral Ties and are therefore more capable of seeing into the astral universe have, throughout the ages, reported the auras surrounding different humans. This is commonly seen in religious paintings of Europe's last fifteen hundred years which portray the so-called "halo" or "nimbus" about the heads and hands of historical religious figures (who quite commonly were actually Living Vampires).

Thus whenever you touch a human, you are also penetrating his astral body to some extent. With that penetration by your astral of his, it is now relatively easy to draw off some of his lifeforce energy. It will not permit the degree of flow, the "deep drinking" which is possible when preying upon the sleeping human, unencumbered by wither your physical or his but this lowest level of Vampirism is as least possible.

The act of drawing the lifeforce from the victim's astral into your own is, at heart, instinctual and not teachable. At the same time there are specific physical-astral actions which go hand-in-hand which are learnable.

Here then are the fundamental secrets of Vampirism:
1. Contact.
2. Penetrate.
3. Draw in.
4. Break contact.

1. Contact.

Contact refers to the necessity for some part of your astral body to contact the astral body of the human. Any physical skin-to-skin contact assures just such contact.

2. Penetrate.

Your astral must penetrate into the astral of the human to enable the absorption of the lifeforce. The more your astral enters the human's astral, the more rapidly and "deeply" the force can flow.

3. Draw in.

With penetration, the Vampire must actually draw in the lifeforce of the human. This drawing in will usually accompany the inhalation of the physical breath by the physical body. Thus for physical contact Vampirism, it is best to inhale deeply. You will come to feel the fluid intake of the vaporous, liquid-like lifeforce as it enters you. In addition, tense and draw up the anal sphincter muscles with the inhalation as this stimulates the same
mechanisms involved astrally with Vampirism.

4. Break contact.

It is equally important to withdraw completely from the human's astral following the Vampiric act for at least two very good reasons. First, you do not wish to have a reverse flow of the precious lifeforce back to the human and, second, you do not want to cause the physical destruction of your prey by leaving a Vampiric tendril constantly draining the human's lifeforce into your own. We are not gluttons and remember the first Vampiric Principle: Never Waste Food!

In the beginning it is necessary to practise Vampirism consciously and with great intention. Over time, and as you develop Vampirically, the act of Vampirism becomes increasingly unconscious and automatic. You will find that in the presence of another Vampire this tendency for unconscious Vampirism will be inhibited. As part of the natural order of things, predators do not prey upon each other. This is not merely an issue of safety but of mutual self-respect. To treat a predator as one would treat prey is the greatest of insults.

When you perform the act of Vampirism, affirm aloud or silently the act as you do it. Firmly state the reality of your action as in, for example, "I now am taking your life energy, your blood, your soul." By adding verbal suggestion you are further aligning you mind as a predator as well as telepathically commanding the prey to acquiesce to your intention, to remain limp and yielding to your taking of the "blood".

Then fill your body to overflowing. Take and take and take until you can take no more! Gorge your inner body until, like a rising fountain, you can accept no more. And like a fountain of water rising up through your being, the spray of overflowing energy will rise above your head and then fall again upon and around you.

The signs of successful Vampirism are as follows to include:
1. Your vision clears, brightens and colours become more vivid.

2. You feel a refreshing, revitalising physical effect.

3. You feel a deep balancing calm within.

4. You experience an increase of physical strength.

5. Your dream recall improves such that you experience more dreaming while the dreams themselves intensify in experience.

6. You tend to attract the attentions of the Undead in magical ritual.

The developing stages of Vampirism are four:
1. Physical contact required.
2. Visual contact required.
3. Sympathetic contact required.
4. Contact by mind alone.

1. Physical Contact.

From the most casual handshake or brush in a crowd to intense sexual encounters, the key is the proximity of your astral body to that of your prey. Remember that physical contact is astral contact.

2. Visual Contact.

With sufficient experience at the physical level, the aspiring Vampire can draw the lifeforce from a human without physical contact in line-of-sight. The actual mechanism is the projection of an astral tendril or elongated astral "cord" which connects to the astral of the prey. The performance of this act usually feels as if the human were in physical contact with the Vampire's eyes, as if the eyes could literally reach out and touch the prey. This and the following advanced technique will be dealt with at the Second Circle level.

3. Sympathetic Contact.

The concept of the magic of contagion and sympathy is found within this level of Vampirism. By coming into contact with some physical item, such as a piece of clothing, a pen, a nail paring, which at one time was in physical contact (and hence, astral contact) with the prey, the advanced Vampire can draw lifeforce at a great distance. This level is dependant upon the degree of connection between the prey and the object as well as the development level of the Vampire.

The interpenetrating astral universe is responsible here by means of astral extensions. Like sticky threads which remain connected, more or less, with virtually everything the physical human touches (and, to a lesser extent, hears and sees) the astral web that surrounds all of us connects to our living astral bodies. The Vampire can learn to therefore follow this connection and draw lifeforce from a footprint, or even a signature.

4. Mind Contact.

Requiring Inner Temple training, the Vampire Adept can sense the existence of prey and directly draw upon the lifeforce without any apparent astral "bridge". This level of sophistication steps beyond the laws of physics as commonly known and relies upon the teachings of the Nine Laws of Magic, restricted to the Priesthood of UR.


Vampirism is instinctual but can only be achieved through personal effort. Each Vampiric act self-instructs and broadens the capacity of the astral body to accept energy. With increased energy, the Vampiric powers begin to dawn. As always, if the Undead Gods should choose one for special aid, then the learning process is shortened, For such, the Temple's purpose has been achieved and the Vampiric Condition established. But the Gods are selective and They are pleased most by the best efforts to achieve on one's own. Therefore, learn, apply and perfect for in this way alone comes the possibility of attainment and true Initiation!

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