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The Ritual Chamber.

The Calling of the Undead Gods must be held where it will not be defiled by the eyes of the profane human. This is not merely to protect the Living Vampire who has not achieved immortality, but because the Undead will not be drawn in the presence of Those Who Would Rise while there are present those who are covered with the stench of mortality. Therefore, close the door and lock it. Seal the place of your Working from the casual and merely inquisitive. Let no one who is not an active member of the Temple be present nor participate in this most sacred of all acts of magic!

Wrap the chamber in darkness. If the chamber is located in a natural setting at night, this is enough. Within a structure, natural or artificial, reduce all lighting to the minimum of just one or two candle flames. Less light is better and to work in absolute darkness is best. The Undead find the darkness comforting and appealing for many reasons. One superior source of light is to utilise the flame from a single container or canned heat such as sterno. If more light is required for the reading of notes during a group ritual, the use of a low wattage red light commonly used by photographic supply companies can serve without damaging the atmosphere.

Symbols of Magical Ritual

Your dress should merge with the theme of darkness and sacrifice. Come to the Undead as true witches and Warlocks. Many will shroud themselves in black capes and robes while others will shroud their bodies in only the darkness of the night itself! In any case do not dress to distract your mind from the task at hand but to enhance its purpose. Jewellery is as much an option of clothing but if you are not of the priesthood wear no iron, for the qualities of iron can offend the Undead Gods. The wearing of the Winged Skull of UR as ring of medallion pleases the Undead and enhances the power of the ritual.

An altar is any flat surface to rest the few implements of ceremonial magic upon and represents the firm foundation of the earth upon which we move and live. When possible, place the altar to the west. Above the altar, position a mirror at eye level or higher. The mirror acts as a visual point of concentration, often acting as a gateway to the astral. The wand can be any wooden rod or staff. The purpose of the wand is to help focus the will of the celebrant. Candles offer light when needed and are black to symbolise the powers of darkness or red to symbolise the blood of the lifeforce. Incense also rests upon the altar. Frankincense and other scents traditional to funerals and death are appropriate. The chalice represents the human body and the liquid within symbolises the lifeforce of the body. The black-hilt knife (athame) or sword is held only by the priesthood and acts as a symbol of the taking of lifeforce (as a weapon) and as a reminder to the priesthood of an Inner Temple Mystery.

Drums, rattles, bells and gongs can be used especially well in a group ceremony. With modern stereo equipment the celebrant need not wait for the auditory power of a thunderstorm. Care must be taken that the words of the celebrant not be overpowered by other sounds, however.

Group Magical Ceremony.

The Calling of the Undead always possesses more power in a group due to the increase of available life energy for the sacrifice. In any such group ritual it is necessary that only one celebrant leads through the Seven Steps of Ritual while the others support the celebrant as a proper congregation.

The Seven Steps of Ritual.
1. Entering the Chamber.

2. The Declaration of Self.

3. The Calling to the Four Winds.

4. The Sacrifice.

5. Vampiric Communion.

6. Restoration of Power.

7. Leaving the Chamber.

1. Entering the Chamber.

The place of magical ritual may be indoors or outdoors but must be secure from interference from the profane. Lock the doors or post guards. Disconnect telephones. Close shades, curtains, etc. Have all ceremonial tools prepared and positioned ahead of time.

Entering the place of magic enables you to separate yourself from the profane world of everyday life. The physical act of going into the chamber enhances the mental and emotional decision to enter into Vampiric Communion. It is best to be able to use the magical chamber for this purpose alone, as this further sanctifies the room but it is better to have communion than not in every case.

Again, you do not merely enter a physical chamber but enter a chamber free of disbeliefs. Here you choose to fully believe in and accept the realities of magic and the Undead Gods you shall summon. Here you leave behind your doubting scepticism and open yourself fully to the celebration of that which you are: a Living Vampire, Master of the Worlds both Seen and Unseen, Magician Supreme and Dedicated Worshipper and Servant to Those Who Have Risen!

2. The Declaration of Self.

Facing west toward the mirror (the dominant focus of the direction of the ritual should be toward the west, if possible) the celebrant of the ceremony briskly claps hand twice in rapid succession. This is a sign that all attention be directed fully upon the ritual. Then the celebrant declares his status as a Living Vampire and the purpose of the ceremony in his own words. One example:

"Hear me Now! I am a Vampire, a predator of humans! I have entered herein to Call the Gods of the Undead into this sacred place. I have gathered lifeforce from humans. I am filled to overflowing! I offer up this life essence to the Vampire Gods, Those Who Have
Risen. I am here to feed and be drained! I am here to die and be reborn. I am here to rise from death into life! I am here to strengthen my bond with the true gods of this world! I am a Vampire!"

3. The Calling to the Four Winds.

The celebrant of the ceremony faces each of the four pints of the compass in the following order: south, east, north and west. At each direction, the celebrant raises a wand or staff or other wooden implement toward that horizon and, in his own words, calls the Undead Gods to come forth to join in this ceremony. The Calling must be honest, direct and filled with emotional power. Here is just one example:

Face the south
"Oh Great Undead Gods! Oh most powerful and Ancient Vampires! Oh true Masters of this earth! Join me here! Be with me in this place! I Call you now!"

Face the east
"I call to you, the only true gods, and offer up to you my life essence! Come! Feed upon me! I call You now!"

Face the north
"I seek Your Company! I seek Your Wisdom! I seek Your Power! Enter freely into this place for You are most welcome! I Call You now!"

Face the west -
"Set aside your doubts for I am sincere! I offer up to You my life! Take! Eat! Drink of me! For I am Yours to use as You will. I Call You now!"

4. The Sacrifice

Here the celebrant directs the accumulated lifeforce to the Undead Who are present. If the celebrant has not developed sufficient astral awareness to directly sense the Presence of Those Who Have Answered the Calling, he should direct the force through the mirror. The mirror acts here as a Gateway to the other world.

In a group ceremony, the other participants should direct their lifeforce sacrifice to the celebrant, focusing upon the midsection near the solar plexus. In such a group ritual, the celebrant then acts as a lens to further focus and project the stream of life to the Undead Who may first visually manifest as images in the mirror.

The lifeforce is exhaled through the mouth with a long, slow and controlled hissing sound. The Living Vampire literally pumps the lifeforce out of his body in a continuous stream of power by repeating this sequence of (1) inhaling deeply through the nostrils and then (2) exhaling slowly and completely through the mouth.

The effort to expel energy must continue with no thought of personal survival. Exhaustion is to be expected. The effort needs to continue until there is good evidence that the Undead are accepting the sacrifice. The more one can give and the more one empties self of the lifeforce, the more return flow of transformation and aid can be received.

Remember that nothing is free and the Undead must be moved before you offering before They may choose to assist in True Initiation. The members of the Priesthood of the Temple are initiated into a Higher Sacrifice which has the outward form of less effort but requires an inner discipline of a Higher Order. Such is revealed at the right time to those found worthy through their dedication and personal sacrifice to the Temple.

Some of the Signs that indicate the Presence of the Undead include:

1. The feeling of moving air, as in a cool breeze (The Coming of the Winds).

2. Tingling sensations in the fingertips and face in particular.

3. Unusual pulling sensations at the solar plexus.

4. Sudden upsurge of mixed emotions of joy, love, worship, fear, etc.

5. Feeling of cobweb strands being laid over face or hands.

6. Ringing in ears.

7. Visual sense of the room filling with misty vapour.

8. Sensations of being touched or stroked.

9. Hearing one's name spoken aloud.

10. Classic poltergeist effects (levitation of yourself or objects in the chamber).

11. Visually sighting the Undead present first in the mirror, then in the chamber.

12. Dreams of flying, falling or travelling through tunnels after the ritual.

13. Astral projection following ritual into the Presence of the Undead.

5. Vampiric Communion.

As the Undead accept the "Blood" of sacrifice, and exhaustion nears or arrives, there comes a subtle shift. The Vampire Gods present having taken Their fill, judge the participant(s) as to their worthiness for transformation and Higher Initiation. Even to simply be in the Presence of the Elder Gods, however, does accelerate personal evolution.

To those found worthy in their efforts, the Gods may choose to release the rarefied higher energy of Their Own Essence in a return flow. If this happens (as will almost always occur in the presence of an Inner Temple member of the priesthood) then the participant(s) will discover a renewal of energy and vitality. This Rain of Mercy may be weak or strong and may take place at any time during the ceremony.

6. The Restoration of Power.
As Communion ends, the celebrant drinks from the chalice and declares again his chosen status as a dedication. Here is an example:

Raise the chalice before the mirror.

"This is the blood of my victims past, present, and yet to be. I drink the life essence of those who exist only to serve my will. I drink this in remembrance of that which I am, Vampire, the predator of humans."

Drink from the chalice. Lower chalice to altar. Face the mirror and clap again twice, briskly.

7. Leaving the Chamber.

If a member of the priesthood is present, the sword of knife is drawn and directed to each of the four pints of the compass in memory of the Most Ancient Pact and as a Mystery of the Priesthood, the Words and Names are Spoken.

Then the celebrant extinguishes all remaining fire and proclaims the Closure with words such as:

"So it is done."

Without another word, leave the chamber and go into a place of brighter lights. Eat and drink to restore a more normal sense of life. If in a group, celebrate and make merry.

The ritual is at an end.

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