What is a Curse?

A curse is a purely malicious wish for evil things to happen to an enemy. In the most notorious
curses of all, the malediction is passed down in the blood from generation to generation of
innocents, or can drag a man's soul screaming to Hell for eternity. As a punishment, they are timehonored
and effective. As such, curses have always been popular with demons and ethereals alike.
Curses for their enemies, as well as love potions for their lust-objects, have also been one of the
first requests that budding sorcerers have traditionally made of summoned spirits.
Curses in In Nomine fall into three main types. Some curses are temporary, whether they draw the
attention of evil spirits, or strike the victim down with a plague of bad luck (a traditional hex). Any
demon or mortal who knows the rare Songs of Malediction (see below) can issue this type of curse.

There are curses that strike generations, in which a demon or ethereal personally plots revenge on
generation after generation of the misbegotten mortal who offended him. And there are personal
curses that are invoked by a Superior, or a powerful ethereal god, which can involve any amount of
strange effects for the hapless victim.
A fourth category includes curses that aren't strictly curses at all. If clairvoyance runs in a family
line, that isn't necessarily because an ancestor called down the wrath of Heaven or Hell and was
specifically cursed with the Sight. Humans have shown an admirable ability to explain any number
of misfortunes or strange events as "it's a curse."

Although it is possible to curse an ethereal or celestial, and most divine curses do concern
rebellious angels, it is more common for malevolent curses to be enacted against humans who have
offended inhuman entities or mortal sorcerers.

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