Two BM Spells

The darkest of love spells-by Isis Darkfire

Oh dark Isis hear me
Oh Hecate hear me
Oh Erzulie hear me
Oh darkest goddesses hear me
I conjure thee

Oh I call to heaven
Oh I call to hell
Oh now any spirits who’d help me
I conjure thee as well!

For I would have my desires
For I would have him/her
For I would delve the deepest depths
For ecstasy is mine and joy on earth
Oh Innana grant my wish
Oh Isis hear my prayer
Oh Aradia make it true
Oh Hecate make it so
Oh Erzulie make it happen
Oh great goddesses I summon thee
Oh ancient goddesses and queens bring now my lover to desire ONLY me
Queen of Heavens, Queens of Hell, Horned Hunter of the Night, Lend your power unto the Spell, Work my will by Magic Rite.
Enslave his/her heart to only me
Let him/her only see me
May he/she bend only to my will
May he/she only want me
He/she shall never be free
Make him/her come now to me
With love in his/her eyes
With desire in his/her mind
With serving me as his/her only agenda
His/her will he/she now surrenders
His/her heart, body and soul now belong to me
So say I
So shall it be

Oh great goddesses make it be
So mote it be
Blessed art thee
Let it be
Make him/her a slave to me
May he/she know no rest from me
May his/her desire burn inside whenever he/she is away from me
May he/she be faithful to me
May his/her passion never wane for me
May he/she never hurt me
May he/she have no choice but to love me
Let him/her only love me
Let him/her only want me
Let him/her only desire me
Let him/her swear their life to me
Let him/her swear his/her soul to me
Let him/her swear his/her body to me

Oh greatest goddesses MAKE IT BE!
Blessed art thee my ladies
Blessed be now go in peace
Let it be please let it be
Make it be now make it be
I conjure thee I humbly call to thee


A Darker Fertility Spell

Oh spirit of darkness, oh spirit of lust
Oh spirit of passion, we call you to us!
Oh spirit of flame and fire come
Oh spirit of such heat, enflame our desires!

Oh goddess of darkness I give myself to thee
Oh Mistress Hecate give your powers to me!
Oh mighty deity stir lust within me
Oh queen of enchantment loose yourself inside me!

Oh god of potency my lover embodies thee
Oh amun, lord of fertility work your charms on me!
Oh mighty one hear my plea
Oh almighty amun grow a child in me from my lovers seed!

Oh ancients of great power
I call to you in this hour
By the magick of the pharaohs and those of power
Come to me and work this charm in this hour

Oh spirits and powers
Oh keepers of hours
Oh Isis and amun
Oh Hecate and bast
Oh gods and demons
Oh shades and ghosts
By the gods almighty and the heavenly host
HEAR ME and grant my desire:
We Want a Child Conceived By Our Passions Fire,
We Want a Baby Safe in Our Arms
Upon This Child We Want All of Your Blessings and Charms
Let Our Precious Babe Come To No Harm

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