To smash someone’s legs

Get some roots from a tree, preferably a big and old tree.
Get a pot, put a bit of water, it shouldn’t exceed medium height.
Turn on the stove to high.
Get a cup pour some milk, and pour some vinegar and salt.
Get all the roots you’ve collected and separate them evenly and bind them with some kind of cord into 2 “legs”
Light a black candle. Get a hammer, hold it in your power hand and invoke the spirit of fire into it. Fire = Destruction. Feel the hate for the person, for about 5 minutes, tell your self you hate them or better yet you detest them. A little trick that helps me get extra mad is I imagine myself beating them up, like cutting them up or whatever. after a while crush the “legs” really well, do it like you mean it cause its their legs. After you’ve smashed them up pretty well blow out the candle and bring the legs to the stove. Turn the water 2 high, wait for it to start boiling and throw in the milk. After that, throw in the legs. Let it boil for as long as you feel then throw the ‘potion’ down the sink.
And alternative to this spell is after its done boiling put it in a glass jar or some similar glass container and bury it. You know how milk goes when its warm. Or you could skip the boiling part and just go straight to jar.

* Milk build strong bones, so by putting vinegar and salt you in a weird way, reverse the effects of milk. I included fire, because it can be enlightening and providing, but its always been destruction and weakening. I decided to boil the milk because as the milk heats up it releases steam and that to me means the Magick leaving little by little to do its job.

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