The Ritual Of the Black Flame

You'll need a bell and a cup of wine (or water).

Walking around in a circle going counter clockwise, ring bell.9 times.

Perform the entire Ritual of Baphomet

Then say:

"Behold! The earth, my dwelling, My place of pleasure and pain. I am here to acknowledge my bond with it and its ways...the
carnal laws of man...truth!"

"I am here this day to proclaim my life to the gift and power of the Beast, the beast within me...the true Self!"

Ring bell

"I call forth my inner black flame from the five angles of our Sign, our Ancient Glyph"

Facing the top right point of the pentacle:

"The Guardian of Angle of the Gate, the Source of my material being, the place of my dwelling and of the earth. I call forth Samael"

Ring bell.
Facing the top left point of the pentacle:

The Guardian of the Angle of The Flame, the Spark in the Eye of the Great Darkness, the place of my heart, I call forth Azazel!"

Ring bell.
Facing lower left point of the pentacle:

"The Guardian of the Angle of Light and of air, the force of my breath, the abode of the enlightened one, I call forth Lucifer"

Ring bell.
Facing the lower right point of pentacle:

"The Guardian of the Angle of the unholy fire, the inner flame of indulgence, the abode of the dark prince. I call forth Satan!"

Ring bell.
Facing the lower point of the pentacle:

"The Guardian of the angle of the deep sea...the rushing serpent. The place of my creation and the Root of my Being. I call forth

Ring bell.

"And above me, the might and glory above all else, The Self! Humanity in its glory, I am a true manifestation of its greatness.
Shemhemphorash! Hail thyself!

I am here to realize and bless myself in the Black Flame of truth. I am here to deliver myself from false belief and self-deceit, I am
here to open the path to my carnal nature."

"I, a beast of the field, a being of flesh, proclaim myself a Satanist"

"I reject all false knowledge and self-deceit"

"I live life for myself and those I love"

Drink from the Cup of Water (or Wine): and Say

"I partake of this blessing, I am made strong with this carnal mixture, in the name of the Five whose Angles the Pentacle do make,
and all the Gods of the Outer Darkness. I am empowered by the inner black flame. I walk forth into the world and partake of my
desires and true nature. Shemhemphorash, hail thyself!"

Perform the Ritual of Baphomet again

"It is done"

Ring bell 9 times to close.

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