Spell To change someones personality

To change someones personality

If there is a person who is your friend/enemy/whatever and they are treating you badly you can change their personality so it suits you i.e. they act how you want them to do. There are two different methods to this spell depending on whether the person is with you or not. If they are with you, concentrate on them and whilst staring at them say the following...
“Torqueo suus ossis et flecto suus spina,
sopoficer et mysticus et magicus et occultus.”
Now carry on like that but change the first line each time you do it saying
what you want them to be like and after every line say "hypnotic and mystic
and magic and mystery". When you have finished (it can be as long or short
as you want) you need to raise your left hand to their left hand side and
say "just" then raise your right hand to their right hand side and say
"like" then you bring your hands together and draw them down the person's
body and when they meet say "this." By the way you don't touch them you just
look at them and do it! If they are not with you you need to get a spoon
(the bigger the better) and then you need to visualize them floating above
you. As you are saying the exact same spell as above hold the spoon by the
end and hold it vertically. As you are are saying the spell visualize it's
power building in the cupped bit of the spoon. When you have finished the
main part of the spell, you pull the spoon backwards saying "just" then
throw it forward whilst saying "like" and as you visualize the power of the
spell hitting the person say "this."
That's it! Sorry it's a bit long, but it much easier to do in practice than
it is to describe it!

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