Making Someone Dream Of Death

· I heard from a friend that if someone dies in a dream they can die in real life because their mind goes into shock or something, they could die or could get stuck in a coma (astral realm). You ever had a dream where your about to fall or something like that and you wake up? That’s what I mean if you were to actually fall you could get stuck in a coma or possibly die. I don’t know that was true, but Ill play it safe. so when your ready to end the spell say “With no true DEATH to them”.

You’ll need
* A Pot with water.
* Celery Stick
* Knife or Athame
* Jasmine Tea bag Or Actual Jasmine Flower
* Some hate and your will.

Focus on the hate for the person and drain it in the water by passing your hand over or through the water. Put the pot on the stove to boil, put the stove on High Heat.
When the water starts to boil, throw in the Jasmine and put in the celery. You could put the whole thing, so that it sticks up or break it into pieces. Once that is completed, let the water boil for a while and focus on your hate for the person, focus on what you want. I would find that hard to imagine so I just repeat what I want to happen to myself and just trust and know. After you’ve done that for a while, put in the knife. Let the sharp part stick in the water and the handle part stick out of the pot. Leave to boil for as long as you’d life…you could say an incantation to go along. Just make sure you say “With no true Death to Them”. And that’s it.

Celery symbolizes dreams and Jasmine too.
Knife/Athame symbolize taking life away.
Water symbolizes dream world.

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