A note about Black magick

Binding spells- These will ALWAYS be White magick. Attempting to add things to it like "make sure you burn as it is more destructive" are only going to do one thing; make you hurt yourself. Never use fire as a way to bind someone in a harmful manner (or with harmful intentions) as you may get yourself banished as a result of...KARMA!!!!

Animal Sacrifice- This is a huge issue. For one thing you're asking for both the God and the Goddess to curse your ass to the Christian hell, and for another you're asking them to make your death slow and very, very painful. Only a retard would do something so stupid. Also, there are other ways to gain the attributes of an animal. More human ones that won't get you put in jail for animal cruelty.

Curses- Ever mind the rule of three, what you send out comes back to thee. Enough said. A real curse: May you have exactly the god you deserve.

BM Love spells- Good Goddess I hate these. Ok, think of it like this, would you want someone to take away your free will or steal someone from you? No. So don't do it.

To Harm someone in a very painful way: How would you like it if someone took away your ability to walk or some such thing that is required in life? The answer is you wouldn't. Don't do it to other people because chances are that it's going to come back on you ten fold.

Destroying things: Come on people. I've been over this in the other ones. If you don't want it to happen to you, THEN DON'T DO IT TO OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!!

Vampire transformation: HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! You people. This is only possible if you can find a stupid vampire. Not many of those exist. Spells aren't going to do it.

Werewolf Trans.- Not happening. Same as above.

Nightmares: Been through this one many times before. Three times three it will come back to thee.

Sorry, I tried to be as nice as I could. These things just make me really mad.

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