Spell to Bind the Lover of Your Desire(Evil love spells)

This spell is really a conjuration of powers to compel either a man or a woman to desire the operator of the spell. By desire, we do not necessarily mean in a caring or romantic way, but more in the way a starving person craves a meal. This is not a "love spell", but more like a summoning and controlling spell.

The Conjuration
On the full Moon, at the hour of Midnight, Light two black tapers. Write the name of the person to be summoned on a piece of parchment paper, and place it one the alter along with a photograph or other image of the desired. Light the charcoal burner, or light charcoal in a cauldron, and drop on some frankincense. Once the frankincense is burning, hold the Pentacle high within the circle and say aloud:

I sauté thee and conjure thee,
O beautiful Moon, O most beautiful Star, O brilliant light which I have in my hand.
By the air that I breathe, by the breath within me, by the earth which I am touching:
I conjure thee. By all the secret names of the spirit princes living in you.
By the ineffable and secret name Tetragrammaton and all the other names of power,
I conjure thee. By you, O resplendent Angel Gabriel, with the planet Mercury, Prince,
Michael, and Melchidael, I Conjure thee!
I conjure you again, by all the secret names of Tetragrammaton, so that you may send
the power to oppress, torture and harass the body, mind, and soul of [name of the desired
person here], she (he) whose name is written here,
(hold up parchment)
So that she (he) shall come unto me, and agree willingly to my desires,
neither liking nor loving nobody in the world, for as long as she (he) shall remain unmoved by me.

(drop picture and parchment into charcoal burner)

Let her (him) now begin to feel the torment of my absence!
Go then! Go at once! Go, Melchidael, Baresches, Zazel, Firiel, Malcha, and all those who are with thee!
I conjure thee by the Great Tetragrammaton to do my bidding, lest, by the power, I cast you out, or into the abyss.
Obey my will, and I promise to release you to return to your home in the nether regions from whence thou came.

Blow out the tapers, Close the Circle.

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