Deadly lover

Deadly Lover

To make someone crazy for you. Get a potatoe, put their picture on it or name/B-day.
cut out a heart and put that on the potatoe too. this spell if for 5 days, and each day youll use 3 pins.
charge 1 pin to make him think and dream of you. the other to make his heart yearn you, etc. and the 3rd to
make his insides hurt, when hes not near you. 2 red candles and 1 black. and 12 rose petals for the first day.

Set the petals around you.
put the candles like a triangle in front of you, black at the top and the red at the sides.
get the potatoe with the heart and pic, attached to it. staple them or glue, and breathe on the potatoe and say
"i Name you __________" Visualize the person, well visualize yourself in the persons body and
think of you, and see nothing but you. and going to sleep and having a dream of you, and even having sex with you, etc.
then prick the pictures forehead and say:

As i prick your mind
i prick your soul
may your world go cold,
ti'll your near me
may you think of nothing but me
may you dream of me
yearn me

prick the heart and say

As i Prick your heart
may it hurt
until your near me
may you be lovesick until your besides me.

prick the tummy area and say

As i prick your stomach
may it hurt until your near me
let your insides turn
until your near me.

after that visualize again and say 'so mote it be'

repeat the process for 4 more day, excluding the rose petals.
to be completely honest, i haven't seeing direct results yet, but she keeps
looking at me. so..give it some time and 'your only limitation is your imagination'.

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