Black love

This is to be done while the moon is waxing on the last Friday before the actual full moon or do it on the full moon. This spell was created by me; I always like to mix different types of magicks to make something exotic this is Sex, Candle, Word, and poppet Magick. I would advise that you meditate before think about what you really really want and how you’re going to feel when you have them at you whim.

You’ll need
An earring piece
Knife or Athame
Red candle
Poppet or a picture where the entire body is shown.

* This spell is to be performed Naked.

Consecrate a red candle and inscribe the symbol for Mars or if you’re into runes inscribe the rune symbol for power, or both. Bend the earring piece so that it’s straight like a line. I drew a picture of my victim, their faces and clothes they wore. I drew them, and place to sheets of paper together and cut it out, then I put a picture of them between them and I stappled it. So it was like a real poppet. Alright! Gather your tools and let’s begin.

Clean the area where you are about to perform this by sweeping, I think its east to west.
Ground so that your chakras are aligned and the Magick flows. Do a quick protection spell if you’d like. “Thrice around the circle bound, evil sink into the ground”
* Cast your circle
- Raise energy. By chanting “Now is the time, Now is the hour. Mine is the magic, mine is the power” for as long you please.
* Welcome the elements
- Get the Knife/Athame and invoke Hecate into it. “The Circle is cast, and they are now between worlds. Where night and day, death and birth, joy and sorrow meet as one. It is in this space that I invoke the tantric powers of Hecate into this knife.”
- Get the Candle and Invoke Mars into it. “I call upon the Planet mars. Planet of energy, planet of power, planet of lust. I invoke you into this candle.”

* Light the candle.
-Get the poppet and say “All that I do to this poppet, I do to ________” blow on their mouths.
-Take the knife and say “By the powers of great Hecate I slash and break any obstacle or blocks stopping my magick from manifesting”
When you say “slash make the movement and when you say “kill” make a movement as if you’re stabbing someone. I did this part because sometimes people have blocks like emotions from past relationships or whatever that stops some spells from working, so this paves the way.

-Take a couple breaths and start to get it in a rhythm, say to yourself what you really want say it in a way that it excites you. If you’d like visualize it, but I found that part hard so I said to myself what I wanted and trusted that. Then perform some sex magick to that. Take some of your sexual fluids and put it on the poppet.

- Get the Knife have the poppet close say “I stab you with my desire, and the great powers of Hecate” Stab the poppet. imagine you see the person and see red energy from their stomach spread outward like a disease. That symbolizes your magick manifesting.

- Get the poppet close to the candle and say “ Your mind, body, soul, and emotions now burn with the uncontrollable desire to love me, adore me, praise me.” Set the poppet on fire.
- Get the Earring say “My will bends you to love me, adore me, praise me. You now love me, adore me, praise me” bend the earring to like an “L” and imagine the person at that instant fall to their knees…to YOU!!!! That’s it So mote it be

Thank Hecate, the Elements, and Mars.Then meditate a little bit on your spell, see it being done. Imagine how its gonna feel the next time you see them, when they are running up to you and etc.

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