Zodiac Symbol Leo From Vedic Astrology

Many individuals will pick up the newspaper every day to read their daily horoscope, but few truly understand the true meaning of their Zodiac symbol in which they were born under. With many Vedic Astrology books available individuals are able to study the Zodiac to understand that it is more personalized and that the sun represents an individuals inner nature, personalities, and characteristics.
The sign of Leo is considered to be the star sign and very masculine. It is the fifth sign of the Zodiac calendar and is thought to be strong, solid, willful, and authoritative. Leo is ruled by the sun, who is the lord of our solar system as the life giver and is a fire sign, which means that individuals born under this sign are confident and generous. They may seem to be egocentric and perhaps overbearing at times as well.
A lion is the sign that symbolizes Leo as the king of the beast and requires the center of attention at all times. Determined Leos can be stubborned and resistant to any type of change, but some times this may be a plus for it has a tendency to build stamina. This stamina allows the individual to stick with projects and they are also consistent and determined, which can be attributed to their stubbornness more than their ego.
Leos love pleasure and are addicted to rich food, so as they get older they are apt to gain weight. They do not enjoy nor will they stick to a rigorous physical fitness routine, however they will put on the act by wearing gym clothing. Leos enjoy dancing, swimming, and tennis in fact, they are thrilled will all sports in general. Individuals born under the Zodiac symbol of Leo are interested in arts, crafts, theatrical groups, religious organizations, and philanthropic groups.
In the human body the Leo controls the back and the heart, so individuals who have an active Leo might be subject to over exertion, problems with stress, and ailments of the heart. Normally, they can overcome these problems, which are usually caused by their own overindulgence. Colors for Leos are gold, orange, and royal purple while their birthstone is sardonic, which represents their creative personalty. The sardonic is a variety of agate of many color that can cut in many ways and is used in creating cameos. They rule the metal gold and the flowers of these individuals are dahlia, red poppy, yellow lily, sunflower, marigold, and heliotrope.
Throughout their life Leo enjoys a more glamorous life with as many pleasures as possible as well as loves. Leos get their pleasures out of life by the indulgence of being able to help others, which comes from their enthusiasm, generosity, and their sunny disposition. These also inspire their affections for their friends and their admirers, then at the same time they are turning others green with envy. Leos do have a streak of laziness that gives them the opportunity to take the easy way out even though they have ambition and enthusiasm.
In business, they can find jobs in administration, accounting, communication, and marketing or they may choose to seek out employment in the criminal justice field where they may go into forensics, law enforcement, or homeland security. Still some individuals may feel the need to go into the health care field or even a more technological field.

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