Getting In Touch with Your Higher Self

Most of us, when connecting to our subconscious mind either see,
feel or hear and we use this same major modality when we connect to
our Higher Self. Most of us connect to our Higher Self through our
feelings; we are kinesthetic. Can we trust our first feelings? In
most cases we cannot because of some of the things which have
happened to us in the past.

Here is a very important exercise. Get out a pad of paper and a
pencil and write down the question: why am I here on Earth? In this
exercise, always keep your questions very simple, using as few words
as you can. Always write down the first answer which comes into your
mind, whatever it is, the first word or the first picture or the
first feeling.

Before you go any further clear your mind. Find a point on the wall
in front of you. Focus on that point with your eyes. Holding your
head level, shift your eyes so you are looking up at a point on the
ceiling above. This will quiet your mind down immediately. When your
mind is quiet, ask your question very quickly, three times

Why am I here on Earth?

Why am I here on Earth?

Why am I here on Earth?

Write down the first word or thought that comes into your mind.
Most of us get answers like: Love, teach, learn, play, heal or
share. If you get an answer like, 'I am here to love,' what does
that mean? To find out, write another question to your Higher Self.
Using the word you received from your first question now ask, for
example, how do I love? How do I teach? How do I heal or what does
love mean? What am I supposed to be teaching? What am I supposed to
share? Using the word you received, write another question, always
pertaining to why you are here on Earth. Always keep your questions
simple, using as few words as possible.

As you write the next question, clear your mind and repeat your new
question three times out loud or in your mind. Write down your
answer. Let's say the sequence went like this: Why am I here on
Earth? To love. What does love mean? It means to take your power.
What does power mean?

Continue this process over and over using the key word from your
previous answer to create your new question. Timing yourself, take
five minutes to write down every single thing that comes to you. Go
as fast as you can. Don't think about it. Use the first word that
comes in even if it is strange or peculiar. Write it down and keep
asking questions until you just start to write continuously, answers
coming to you as fast as you can receive them.

Do this for five minutes and after you get done look at what you
have come up with. Your answers will give you a key to how and what
you have been creating.

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