Romantic Creative Ideas For Everyone

If you have been together with your partner for a while, your romantic ideas may be slowing down or dwindling away to nothing at all. If so, then it is time for some new creative romantic ideas. If you are ready to add some spice back into your relationship or maybe just to pick things up a bit, consider one of these scenarios.

Send Your Lover on a Treasure Hunt

This takes a little planning, but the surprise is well worth the hassle. Send your lover on a treasure hunt that ends at a hotel or bed and breakfast where you will spend the night together. Start the hunt at work, with a coworker giving him or her an envelope with instructions in it telling what to put on after work. Then, tape the next envelope in your lover's closet with instructions to use your car. In the car, place the directions to the final destination. Enjoy the evening together over wine and picnic foods, and be sure the room has a Jacuzzi! This is one I have used several times and it works like a charm. Each time you use it you can change up the hung a little be to make it new and exciting everytime.

Plan Your Dream Home Together

Get out some grid paper and plan your dream home together. In this game, anything goes. Do you want a porch and swing as well as a whirlpool bath? Include them. This is a no-pressure way to spend an evening together, and you just might discover something you did not know about your lover. When the time comes to shop for a real home, you can use some of the ideas off of this diagram.

Plan a Themed Night

Creativity abounds when you have a theme to work on. Plan your date night around a theme. A 50's type date would include a trip to the drive in theater, dinner at a drive-in burger joint, and dessert sharing an ice cream soda or milk shake at a local diner. If you are really in the mood to be creative, try to locate clothing that fits the theme, but make sure your date appreciates the outfit before insisting that he or she wears it.

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