symbols, talismans, and sigils

... at least to some degree or another, and therein is why I have not given each of the aforementioned a special section of this essay to speak of them. It should be easy to use the above information to see how thoughts are assigned to things such as symbols, and how that power can be tapped into to create a talisman. And, in retrospect, though I did not discuss methodology directly, it should also be easy to see how one may apply such virtues and thoughts to objects and symbols for one’s own purposes.

Now, for the sake of the itchy viewer who enjoys “How-to” variants, I will provide a way to create sigils and self-useable power words. Sigils being obscure symbols of your will put down visibly and only recognizable unto you, and the “power words” being somewhat sigilized verbal affirmations which are essentially barbaric in both form and pronunciation.

Creating Sigils
Essentially an extremely simple process. First you take a statement of intent. To use an example from Spare’s Book of Love, we will go with “It is my will to have the strength of a tiger.” From there, you take all spaces, vowels, and repeating letters out of the equation, giving you:


So now what? Take that collection of letters, and organize it into a symbol. How? Think for yourself. Add them all together, perhaps using the T sideways with the S at the end, and the R on its back coming off of the T, etc. In the end, you should wind up with something interesting, to say the least.

At this point is where the magic actually begins. Take this symbol, perhaps written on a piece of paper, inscribed on a stone, etc, and focus completely on it, until nothing else exists for that moment. With it burning in your mind, begin to think strongly about what it is you wish to happen. See the words in your mind, your statement of intent and all emotions and thoughts attached to it, weaving around the sigil and fusing into it, until all that exists is a violently pulsating symbol within your mind.

Here, it is perhaps good to note that this is best done when in a state of exhaustion, either mental or physical(maybe even both), or in a state of inertiatic sensuality. There are several ways of attaining this mindset, the two which Spare favored being empowering the sigil at the height of an orgasm, and using what is known as the Death Posture before the empowerment. Other ways involve strenuous exercise beyond what your body can usually take, spinning in circles for a long time, or depriving yourself of sleep for a set amount of time. What this does is put you in a quazi-gnostic state, in which you are subconsciously focused, yet not fully at ease. As effective as this is(for I’ve used this approach many times with great effectiveness), I have found that with enough mental strength, a sigil can be empowered just as well in a state of calm-mindedness, focused on the goal. The benefit of the former is that you do not have as hard a time forgetting about the sigil, whereas in the latter you may be thinking about it for some time after the empowerment.

On that note, it is detrimental(in most cases) that you forget entirely about the sigil once it has been charged. Hide it, burn it, do something so that you’ll never see it again(at least not until the operation has been completed). The reason for this is simply that you do not want to interfere with the sigil’s work inadvertently.

Creating your own “Power Words”
Obviously you can not create Divine Names, but you can create barbaric words similar in sound to those of Enochian or Ouranian, What you are going for here is not inherent power, as perhaps the God-names have, but instead psychological effect and inducing a proper mindset in your magical workings. Essentially, all you are doing is a slightly altered version of the first step in creating a sigil. Start with a statement of intent, an example for which we will use the previous “It is my will to have the strength of a tiger.” Once you’ve thought of your statement, remove repeating letters, and perhaps put a few of the reduced words together, giving you something like this:


Once you have that, simply decide how you wish to pronounce it, then use it as a litany, repeating it over and over, each time casting your intent, until you eventually put yourself in a soothing Gnostic-like state.

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