Yoga in witchcraft

Yoga in Witchcraft

There have been many yoga systems popularised in the world, especially in this century, but none of them are actually considered spiritual. However it should certainly be considered magical as the perfection of yoga was learnt in a battlefield.
It was taught to a warrior just before he engaged in a frantic battle, this warrior thought “why should I fight against my own kinsmen?” In thinking this the warrior answered his own question, learning the perfection of yoga and gaining peace of mind. The warrior still fought but with a new sight, he was able to foresee his opponents attacks and defend himself from them even ones that came from behind
It is this sight that can be used in witchcraft.
As with meditation, in yoga you aim for a peace of mind, some kind of place inside a person where a situation is presented without worry or the bother of reality. For some people when performing yoga you may find that “the system of yoga appears to be impractical and undurable for my restless mind” don’t worry you’re not the first, the warrior however was, and who can blame him surrounded by the noise of a battle.
It is true that the mind is always telling us to go here, there and everywhere, however it can be controlled, and when this is accomplished magic can be strengthened through the lack of distraction.
The usual position in yoga is to be assumed, sitting down, keeping the body straight and one must keep their eyes half open. When the eyes are completely closed a person drifts off becoming closer to sleep rather than focusing enough to close off the distractions of reality, try to peer down your nose, though if it can be helped, don’t go cross eyed.
If it is possible then you can try different positions but make sure you are comfortable, pain will distract you and you will have to begin all over again as you would already be pulled apart from a place of peace.
Also if you can go to a place that is secluded and alone, however this will only aid your yoga process so it is not necessary to run off and be alone, especially if you are used to the noises around you.
Use a relaxed breathing that is soundless, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Over time this will become natural and will only take you a few seconds to slip into this state.
And finally how many times a week must you do this. The answer as many as you want, though the more you do it when you first start the better you will get at quickly slipping into the peace of mind. You will find after a while that you slip into it naturally, especially when doing spells and you will find that with a peaceful and clear mind you’ll see that the effects or your spells are stronger or quicker depending on the spell.

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