The rules of Magick

The Rules Of Magick
Magick is not beyond or above life, but a natural though special part of your world. It is about not
leaving fate, your fate, to any guru or deity, but shaping it with your own innate power, the power that
emanates from some higher being, goddess or god, energy source, what you will - the divine spark
within us all. There are no absolutes in magick, there is only what works for you and enhances your
innate wisdom and spirituality. You should use this book as you would any other DIY guide and adapt
its suggestions to suit what is right for you. Choose whatever you feel are the most appropriate herbs,
crystals or even entire rituals for your specific purpose.
There are provisos, however. You must always remember that the form, the words and even
ultimately the associations of particular oils, incenses and planetary hours are not what really matters.
The truly important thing is that you should keep to the basic rules of witchcraft that are quite as strict
and twice as hard as any conventional religion. These are rooted in wisdom, compassion, honesty,
honour and common sense and are summed up in one short phrase: 'An ye harm none, do what ye
will'. Put in modern-day language, this means, quite simply:
'Do whatever you like as long as you don't hurt anyone.'
Simple, did I say? It is in practice incredibly hard to harm none, especially if you are seeking
promotion, fighting against an injustice or struggling to survive. But it may help you if you remember
the other equally vital law of witchcraft, the Threefold Law. This states that everything you do to
others, both good and bad, will be sent back to act on you with three times its intensity and strength.
So, if you act always and only with positive intent to help and heal, you will automatically receive all
manner of good things and you should become truly wise and happy.
According to the rules of magick, as I said earlier, you cannot be angry, mean or cruel and then expect
to say sorry to a deity and have the slate wiped clean. Magick is about taking responsibility for your
own actions all the time and that is incredibly onerous. But, on the positive side, the results are
equally potent, and if you can learn to tap into the source of light and life and joy, you will amaze
yourself and others by what is possible. Thus will your psychic powers also spontaneously unfold and
guide you in your everyday world, increasing your spiritual power and wisdom.
The magick is within you, so let it flow and make the world a better place.

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