Tantric massage

The receiver is to relax, breathe deeply and receive. The giver is to be of service to their partner. This is an intimate process done with love and respect. The giver will be placing their hands on various parts of the receiverís body. This is done slowly, with awareness, avoiding jerky movements.

The receiver is to be naked, laying flat on their back, with legs flat and spread comfortably apart. A rolled up towel or pillow can be placed under the neck for comfort. The receiver may become cold during the process and they may want to have a light blanket or sheet placed over their body.

The giver is to sit cross legged, on the right side of the receiver, with knees barely touching the receiverís body. The giver orients themselves in such a way as to be able to reach the receiverís genitals with the right hand and the top of the receiverís head with the left hand. It is very important for the giver to find a comfortable position where they will not have to move their body during the process.

Both giver and receiver spend about 5 minutes focusing on deep, relaxed breathing. This is a very important step. Begin each breath with a relaxed belly. Let your thoughts and concerns fade away.

The giver rubs their hands together, creating heat. Shake the hands, away from the receiverís body, and flick the fingers as if energy were sparking off your fingers. Do this several times. Among other things, this energizes your hands and prepares them for touching the receiverís body.

The giver places their left (negatively charged) hand, gently, on the receiverís Heart Chakra. This is located in the center of the chest, between the nipples. You are touching the most intimate and beautiful part of the receiver. This is their center and seat of Divine essence. Become aware of their childlike innocence as your hand rests here.

The giver places their right (positively charged) hand, gently on the receiverís Root Chakra. This is located between the anus and genitals. It is clinically referred to as the Perineum. This is the foundation of survival and human needs (food, shelter, money, etc.). It is also the place where a powerful force (Kundalini) emanates from.

The giver keeps their hands in place for 5 minutes. Just relax, keep breathing deeply, and visualize powerful energies coming from the earth and the universe, flowing through your body and streaming out your hands into the receiverís body. Become aware of your healing powers.

Keeping your left hand on the receiverís heart, gently move your right hand to their genitals. If the receiver is a woman, allow your fingers to contact the clitoris and vulva. If the receiver is a man, cup your hand over the testicles and penis (Lingam). This is the seat of their sexual desire and procreative power. Keep your hands in this position for 5 minutes. Occasionally, gently rock your right hand to awaken this Chakra. The receiver will likely experience sexual arousal. This indicates that energy is moving in the body.

Move your right hand to just below the receiverís navel, the center of their personal power. Keep your left hand on their heart Chakra. Do this for 5 minutes.

You are balancing the lower Chakras, that deal with money, sex and power issues, with their sacred center, the heart. You are bringing infinite love and wisdom into their human life form.

Move your RIGHT hand on top of your LEFT hand. Keep both hands on the receiverís heart for 5 minutes. Imagine all that you have to give, as friend, healer and lover, flowing from your hands into their heart.

Place your RIGHT hand on the receiverís heart and move your LEFT hand to their throat. Be gentle, do not press down and just let your hand rest gently on the throat Chakra . This is the source of their creative expression and communication. Remain here for 5 minutes.

With the RIGHT hand in place on the receiverís heart, move the LEFT hand to their forehead. This is the home of their intellect and psychic powers. Remain at this center for 5 minutes.

Move the LEFT hand to the top or crown of the receiverís head. Keep the RIGHT hand on their heart. The Crown Chakra is their connecting point to the Divine and channels spiritual energy. Stay in this position for 5 minutes.

Gently, slowly and with total awareness, remove your hands from the receiverís body. At this point they will most likely be in a deeply relaxed and highly sensitized state. Withdraw your hands in a manner that they barely notice it. Slowly, silently, move your body away from theirs and stand up. Walk away from them, shake your hands, and flick your fingers again.

You may leave them in this state (lucid dreaming or meditative) or you can begin another sexual activity. The Lingam Massage or Yoni Massage is most effective after this process. Foreplay, including cunnilingus or fellatio, works very well, as the receiver is in a heightened state of responsiveness at this point.

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