Mind Power Secret #2

If you desire a new car get a large picture of the car you want and write over
it 'My car' and stick this on the wall. If you want a girl or boyfriend do as my
friend did, or the other way I mentioned if you do not desire a particular
There is no end to the objectives to which my idea can be applied: just write
your desire on a sheet of paper or use a large picture of what you want and
stick it to the wail. The instructions are the same no matter what the nature
of your aim.
You should aim for just one thing at a time until your aim is accomplished.
Then you can begin something else. Follow my instructions until your aim is
accomplished. Then you can start something else. Follow my instructions every
night until you get a result. Results may take days, weeks, or even months in
some cases, so please be patient.

It has worked for me.
It has worked for others.
It can work for you.

For those who find it hard to visualize this novel mind power method must be a
fantastic idea. And nothing could be simpler. But for some of you there may be
one distinct hindrance to this application: the use of an alarm clock in the
middle of the night. This obviously presents a problem to anyone who sleeps in
the same room as another.
The point of using an alarm clock is to arouse one from deepest slumber: that
moment of awakening when the subconscious mind is particularly receptive to
any impression it receives. But the subconscious is just as acutely receptive
when one awakens in the dead of night to answer nature's call. So at that time
one can use the flashlight light on the wall, as suggested. For the individual
who sleeps the whole night without interruption, an alternative idea might be
to look at the wall as soon as one awakes,close eyes for a second or two,look
again; and then repeat twice.
After the third time close eyes for a few minutes and do not think of what
you looked at on the wall. Then - providing you haven't fallen asleep. again! -
get up and begin your day.
For those unfamiliar with the word, the 'subconscious' is that part of our
mind of which we are not aware. It is that hidden area of the mind which
controls our feelings and actions and indeed is far more powerful than our
'conscious' mind, that area of mind of which we are aware, and with which we
think and reason.
Whilst many writers appear to disagree on the most effective way of
exploiting the potential power of the mind, they all seem to agree on one
central point: that it is the subconscious mind and not the conscious mind
which holds the key to turning wishes into realities. How and why this is so is
really not known although many have put forward explanations. But it suffices
to say that if the subconscious can turn our dreams into realities then we
should make use of its power and enjoy the benefits - and leave the
explanations to the experts!
The subconscious, whilst being more powerful than its limited conscious
counterpart, is not able to help you without your specific instruction . It has
to be told that you want so-and-so. And the way to instruct it is through
simple words and images. The subconscious does not respond to, nor
understand, long words or complicated instructions. This is why I regard this
system both valuable and potent.

The uses to which this novel system can be applied are virtually limitless:
acquiring or improving skills ... receiving solutions to problems ... influencing
other people ...self-improvement ... improving your memory ... reading faster ...
the realization of almost any objective. The subconscious can do anything for
you! ( No Kidding ).
The author doesn't provide specific instructions for each of the so many
objectives which could be realized through his system; but it is obvious, based
on what he has written, that if one seeks more confidence one would put on
the wall something like 'I Am More Confident' or 'I Am Confident and Self-
Assured'; or place on the wall a picture of someone who represents your idea
of possessing great self-confidence. Your subconscious will then take it that
you want to be like this person.
This idea can be adapted, changed or altered to fit the needs of each
individual reader. But the principle remains the same: Awake in the night or
morning and glance at the script or picture on the wall. Nothing could be
simpler and I am certain that at least some readers will derive great benefits.

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