Magic number seven

There are certain numbers that appeal to our subconscious mind. We
like things that come in twos (salt and pepper, eggs and ham), threes
(Three Blind Mice, three wishes, and three chances), and tens (of
course, we have ten fingers and ten toes, so this one is only natural!)

One of the most powerful numbers that triggers a subconscious response
is the number seven. (Think Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Lucky
number 7, and seven days in the week.) With this in mind, here are
seven ways to incorporate the "magic" of the number seven into your

1. Pricing- Use a price ending in 7 for your product. Whether you stay
with whole numbers ($17, $27, $67) or not ($19.97, $24.97, or even
$37.77!), try adding some "seven magic" to your pricing structure and
note the difference.
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2. Headlines- Test your headlines with and without a 7 in them. You
may be surprised at the results! The seven doesn't need to stand alone-
you can use it within whatever number you may have in your headline
(change 1800% to 1700%, or $562 to $567) and it will have the same
effect. If you don't have a number in your current headline, work one
in- with a 7 included, of course!

3. Follow-up- You've probably heard this before: Prospects need to
see your message several times before they act. In fact, it usually
takes (want to guess?) SEVEN exposures to your offer before they are
ready to buy! When you create follow-up messages, usually by an
autoresponder series, don't stop writing until you've reached number
seven- unless, of course, you don't want to make the sale!

4. Titles- Use "7" in your ebook, report, and article titles. For example,
"7 Deadly Mistakes You Can't Afford To Make In Your E-Business" or
"How You Can Create Info-Products In 7 Short Hours".

5. Deadlines- Compare "Place your order this week, and you'll get..."
with "Place your order in the next 7 days, and you'll get...". Same
time limit, but the number creates more urgency in the mind of your
reader. (Even though they probably translate the statement in their
mind as, "Gosh! I better order now- I only have a week!")

6. Bonuses- Pay attention to the sales letters you see this week. Of
those who offer more than three bonuses (the most common), you'll
notice that there tends to be seven! Why? Because it feels RIGHT.

7. Tips- When offering a list of tips on your site or in articles (such
as this one!), group them into "sevens." Even if you don't number
them, a list of seven items is more appealing visually than six or

Now, you may be thinking that this is a bunch of, well...hooey. But
there is a strong psychological connection to the number seven that
we humans feel. Mirroring this connection while marketing your
product makes your prospects feel comfortable, and the more
comfortable they are with you the more likely they are to buy- so
try using the "magic" of the number 7 where you can!

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