How to use Symbols in Magick


Symbols can be very useful in magick. They help enhance our magick;
they give the spell or ritual more added power. The first thing one
must decide is what type of work will be done. For this exercise we
will be doing a prosperity spell. Now that we have a goal we must
figure out all the correspondences that go with prosperity. Below
you will find a list of correspondences that we will use for our

Moon Phase: Full

Planet: Jupiter

Day of the week: Thursday

Time of day: Undecided (You would work this spell in the planetary hour of Jupiter).

Placement: North

Candle Colors: You will have to decide what type of candle you want to use. Either a taper or the ones enclosed in glass.

White (for success)

Purple (for abundance)

Green or Orange (for money)

Crystals: Amethyst

A Mirror (use a black marker and draw a five pointed star in the center of the mirror.




The sign for Jupiter (looks like a 4) carved into the white candle.

Planetary Seal (placed under the purple candle)

The $ sign carved into the green or orange candle

The magick square is to be placed under the Green or orange candle.

If you have decided to use the glass enclosed type of candles you will need to carve your symbols in the top of the candle. Place the green or orange candle in the center of the mirror (setting it on top of the star). Then place the white candle below the one on the mirror over to the right; place the purple candle beside the white one to the left. You now have a triangle. The triangle in its self
is a very powerful magick tool. Place your Amethyst in the center of your triangle. Then mix equal parts of the herbs together (herbal charge below) and make a ring around each candle with the herbal mixture.

If you decide to use taper candles then you will need to carve the symbols into the tapers. Now you will have to decide if you want to roll your candles in the herbs or just use the herbal ring. If you chose to roll your candle just use the mint and cinnamon on the candles. Then place a ring of agrimony around the candles as stated above. Place your amethyst in the center of your triangle just as above.

"Remember to charge your candles"

Herbal Charge

Herbs of Old
Sharp as Glass
Fill these candles
With your Magickal Blast!

Now you have everything ready for your spell. You need a small chant to go along with everything else you have to work with (chant below) then it is time to light your candles. Once you light the candles start saying your chant. The more you chant the more the power will
build. When you are ready push the power into your spell; by releasing the energy you have built into the universe.

Prosperity Chant:

Jupiter let your energies Flow,
Now my prosperity Grows!

Now it is done. Forget about it, don't worry if it worked or not because it did. Save all your symbols for the next time you need a little prosperity. The more you use them the more energy they will store. They will be a powerful tool. I keep mine in a wooden box I made into a filing cabinet. You could even use a recipe box to keep them in.

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