How To Combine Birthday with Spirituality

Sometimes, it can be harder than expected to find that perfect present for her -
whether the 'her' in question is a close female relative, your wife or a
girlfriend that you've been with for several years. Maybe you got her a necklace
for her Valentine's Day and a pair of earrings for Christmas - but don't feel
that you've exhausted the gift possibilities of jewellery. Birthstones, for
instance, can make a fantastic - and unique - birthday present that will lend a
wonderful personal touch to her birthday.

Each month of the year is represented by a separate birthstone, each of which
has its own distinct meaning. And the use of the birthstone as a symbol of good
luck on one's birthday has a history which is said to stretch back as far as the
first century. In 1912, the American national association of Jewellers - the
Jewellers of America - created a standardised
People born in January have the garnet as their birthstone, a deep red stone
that was originally used in thirteenth century as an insect repellent and a
guard against evil spirits! Essentially, the garnet birthstone is said to
represent constancy, a symbol of faith and devotion. The February birthstone -
the delicate purple amethyst - on the other hand, was once considered by the
Greeks as an effective antidote against drunkenness! Despite this association,
the amethyst birthstone is now seen to infer sincerity.

Those born in March will have the benefit of the clear blue aquamarine as their
birthstone, a precious jewel that symbolises courage - a feature that
perhaps dates back to the stone's use as a "magical" antidote to poison in the
Middle Ages. But April birthdays will enjoy the luxury of having the world's
most stunning jewel, the diamond, as their birthstone. Diamonds have been a
symbol of purity and innocence since their first discovery, with attachments to
divine beings across the world. If your loved one is born in April, a diamond is
sure to show them how special they are.

People with a birthday in May will take pleasure in the rich green emerald, a
symbol of love and success, as their birthstone, while June birthdays will be
able to enjoy the soft hues of the pearl as their unique birthday stone. The
pearl symbolises health and longevity, and has traditionally been an emblem of
feminine regenerative power - an aspect of this particular birthstone that's
sure to have its female recipients beaming with glee.

The strong red of the ruby, July's designated birthstone, has long been
associated with the passion of love. But the birthstone ruby is more than this -
it also stands for contentment, freedom and charity. If your special someone has
a birthday in August, you'll be able to offer them the light green peridot, a
birthstone that is said to traditionally bring its wearer peace and good luck.
What's more, the peridot is a symbol of marital happiness - so if your wedding
anniversary is in August as well, the peridot will have a rich double meaning
for your wife.

While for many, September may signal the beginning of the year's short days and
long nights, people with birthdays in September will love the feeling of having
the sapphire as their birthstone. One of the most beautiful blue jewels, the
sapphire is conventionally believed to attract the favour of the Gods, while it
represents clear thinking in the birthstone context. Opals will adorn the skin
of people with birthdays in October; opals are unique in that they're available
in a variety of colours and hues, and symbolise hope.

November birthdays take the topaz as their birthstone. This orangey-brown jewel
has long been seen as the gemstone of spiritual rejuvenation and fidelity.
Ultimately, people born in December will be able to take pleasure in the
prophylactic qualities of the turquoise stone, a blue gem that is said to bring
prosperity to its owner - something that's sure to come in handy at Christmas.

Birthstones can be set in a variety of jewellery type and in a range of
different types of metals. So whether you're seeking sapphires set in white gold
earrings for your girlfriend's birthday in September, or you're keen to find a
diamond gold necklace for your mother's 50th birthday next April, you'll
definitely be able to find birthstone jewellery to fit your budget and your
special someone's personal tastes.

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