About the universe #3

The Holy Spirit is the second energy in its importance that has been created by the Unique
Field after the Creator's wish. This energy as well as the Christ energy are spread all around
the universe and are everywhere. It came to being, just as the Christ Energy, at the very
beginning of the creation of the universe. It is responsible for maintaining the global energy
structures in the universe. At the same time its task is to create inanimate matter. You were
introduced to the basics of how the inanimate matter is created. This energy is important to the human species because it supports the Life Wave in its struggle to create living beings by
giving life to inanimate matter.


The third, the biggest energy grouping, created by the energy field is called the Space Energy.
As the two mentioned above, it is spread around the universe, but its functions are in a way
different from the two. Its activities are different in different parts in the universe. Its operations
are coordinated with the needs of a particular space within the universe: it is different in
energy spaces and in inanimate or animate matter. Its role is very important, because it helps
with the processes that take place there, without regards to whether they are energy based or
whether they are in connection to the states of inanimate or animate matter. Concerning
humans, the Space Energy helps him or her to clear certain conflict situations he or she has in
regards to the nature, environment, i.e. to the air, soil, food, energies surrounding them. It also
helps the energies and inanimate nature that is around humans. But the part of the Space
Energy that dwells in humans helps them to solve problems they face when contacting nature.
That is why this is a healing, developmental, and rejuvenating energy that helps the man to
accomplish the tasks given to him by the Creator.


By creating the cosmos, the creator achieved the unity of the spirit, energies, matter, and
living beings. This has been done during the eternal existence of the universe. However, there
were periods in the development of the universe, especially during the first third of its
existence, when the above mentioned elements were not perfectly synchronized. There were
horrendous cosmic cataclysms that destroyed everything that had been being created for tens
of billions of years. These cataclysms occurred because certain elements deviated from their
tasks and goals. Afterwards, special attention was given to the role of the universal
maintenance workers i.e. luminous bodies, who not only remove the existing aberration, but
also watch over certain sectors of the universe so that there will be no aberration.
Approximately halfway into the age of the universe, the Creator initiated thorough changes in
the structure of the universe. The main idea was to completely harmonize the universe and
that only minor problems should be allowed to occur. In order for it to be done, many
additional energies had to be introduced that would be operational within the entire universe
or its particular segments. These energies would have to have very defined and limited
functions. Some of these energies are the parts of the Christ Braid. From then on, the
universe has been functioning fairly satisfying, with occasional aberration from normal flows.
Luminous bodies are in charge of re-connecting to the normal flows. They are the
maintenance workers of the universe, and they do their job on a satisfactory level.

When did the first living beings in the universe come to being? After approximately one fifth of
the age of the universe the Christ Energy was creating the wave of life that created, activated
and maintained only the immaterial living beings. This was going on until one third of the age
of the universe. Those beings were the energy structures that multiplied, developed, and to
the lesser extent adjusted to new situations. Somewhere at one third of the age of the
universe, the Christ Energy together with the energy of the Holy Spirit created the first material
living beings. They were first created in certain areas of the universe that had the best conditions for their development. Those beings were very primitive structures, but they could
multiply and up to a point they could adjust to new situations, thus they could develop

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