About the universe #2

After it had created the Unique Field, the Potential finished its potential period and
commenced the creative period of its existence. Thus the name 'Creator', because all
creations in the universe began there.
The beginning of the creation of the universe was, therefore, represented as the creation of
the Unique Field. By giving all the power, all of the knowledge and all of the capacities to the
Unique field that he himself possessed, the Creator has secured an enormous allencompassing
creative energy. His own potential did not participate in the process. It had
absolute control over the complete contents of the universe and the process of its creation. At
first, the Unique Field was creating energies that were the sprouts of great energy complexes.
Therefore, they were the stifles in the embryos of great energies conceived by the creator so
that they can be the contents or the skeleton of the universe. Those energies developed
relatively quickly due to their super-intelligence and their awareness of the need to create the
contents of the universe.
There was aberration to what the Creator had imagined, in the course of the development,
because of the enormity of the universe and the particular complexities of the functions of
these energies. In order to stop these and prevent further aberration, the Creator produced
energies that were different from the usual energy structures. These had the power to correct
all of the aberration thanks to its super-intelligence and knowledge, its indestructibility, i.e. its
lack of capacity to merge with other energies, since they were to become a new energy, its
eternal life or duration.
The necessity for these universal maintenance operators was becoming bigger and bigger
since the universe was becoming more and more complex. The need for these energies is
really strong today, but it is almost impossible for the Unique Field to constantly create this
energy because of the remarkable complexity and contents of the universe, and the tasks that
the Unique Field has. The Unique Field has ceased producing this energy approximately
halfway between the beginnings of the creation of the universe and today. From that time on,
certain departments within the universe, such as constellations, galaxies, or even certain
small planetary systems have taken over the task of creating these precious energies.


After he had activated the embryos of the future vast energy systems of the universe, the
Creator followed its gradual development and tuned it with the general development of the
universe. There are tens of great energy systems that are functioning in the universe today,
but only three systems are interesting to humans.
The first one is the so-called "Braid of Christ Energies." They are a number of a couple of
hundreds of energies, each one with its contents, its purpose and its energy characteristics.
They are not equal in their intensity, but they are irreplaceable and necessary and that is why
they are spread all around the universe, covering it completely. The feature of these energies
is that at one point in the universe they braid themselves into a beam, and than they spread
again, covering the universe. If we could draw a scheme it would look like this: they are
moving towards one direction, pass the entire universe and return through the energy beam or
What is the task of Christ Energy in the universe? This energy, as the strongest and most
complex in the entire universe has a myriad of tasks that are connected to the maintenance of
the normal functioning of the cosmos. Most of these contents and tasks are incomprehensible

interesting and important to people.
Christ Energy emits the energy wave that is called the Life Wave or the Life-Giving Wave, and
it is spread all around the universe and engulfs it completely. The frequency of this wave
varies from 2.6 to 26 Hz. The Life Wave carries programs within itself. These programs are
capable of activating life in inanimate matter. Living beings are created through the activities
of the Life Wave. In this manner, the inanimate matter starts to live, develop, multiply, adjust
to the conditions of the environment, and change; at that, it is constantly under the influence of
the Life Wave. Should this wave stop spreading around the universe, all of the living beings all
around the universe would die. The Life Wave is, therefore, the activator, something that
actualizes life, and the means of keeping it in constant flow. The Life Wave has created
numerous living beings in the universe, and each of them has been adjusted to their own
Special sort of living creatures are non-materialistic living beings, which consist only of
energies, but they too have to thank the Life Wave for their development, multiplying,
adjusting to their environments and their lives. Instead of affecting the inanimate matter, in
their case the Life Wave triggered the spark of life in certain energy structures.
During his work on the development of the universe, the Creator was adding and developing
great energy structures so that they could be the backbone of the universe. He added certain
functions to them, including the tasks which, after they had been fulfilled, made the universe a
versatile, richer, more developed world. That is the reason why the Christ Energy consists of
hundreds of different energies, each of them responsible for finding solutions to the problems
of the universe from its beginning.
Apart from the capacity and commitment to create a living world, the Christ Energy made it its
task to take care about the cyclic creation of mature luminous bodies. They are the
prerequisite for the normal functioning of the universe. The Christ Energy organized the
development of the luminous bodies with the assistance of the beings that have free will, due
to their unbound creativity.
Out of the tasks that Christ Energy has that have to deal with humans, we are going to
mention its taking care of the planets and other places with living beings within the universe.
This care involves constant watching over these life-given systems, and minding that they are
safe, that cataclysms and the destruction of a large number of animals and plants do not
occur. This may include the destruction of the planets themselves as well as other places
where living beings dwell. At critical moments the Christ Energy adjusts the energy states and
in this manner it prevents the cataclysms and ensures the further development of the living

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