About the universe #1


The world of energies that you have been introduced to only partially represents the essence
of the universe. Without the energies, the universe would be without its skeleton and would
have no contents.
People say that the universe has no end, but they are not capable of grasping that fact. They
are also not capable of grasping the fact that the universe has existed forever and that it shall
exist forever. People are even less capable of understanding that last bit.
Has there been any sort of a beginning or has there been a time when there was no universe?
That time did exist, but it is infinitely far away in the past and it can not be measured by any
realistic temporal units. It is also true for the size of the universe it has its end, but it can not
be measured within the comprehensible system of measuring units. There was a time when
there was no universe, but it is so far away that no measurement could be capable of showing
it. Although that time is so far away from the present, people will still want to know about it.
Therefore, one can say it in the language that could be understood by the people. Before the
universe was created there had been a Potential that was capable of creating it. The time this
Potential was created, however, is as far away from the first moments of the universe as the
creation of the universe is from the present.
What is, actually, that Potential?
The potential was an immeasurably spacious, powerful and super-intelligent energy field that
covered the space of the present universe. This exceptionally powerful Potential, that existed
for the immeasurable time, felt a need to create new contents within itself.
What made the Potential to wish for that?
Its enormous intelligence and capacity to achieve everything it wanted made it necessary for
the Potential to expand its own contents so that those capacities it had would be actualized;
so that the Potential would change, realize, create a part of its immense capacities.
The aim was to transform one part of the Potential into a creation, an achievement. Its first
task was to transform a part of its potential capacities into the energy field the vastness of
which was corresponding to the vastness of the Potential. It engulfed the entire volume of the
universe as we know it today. This energy field took over the capacities of the Potential out of
all of its segments. The Potential wanted this Unique Field to take over the further
organization and realization of new contents within the Potential. The Unique Field was only
one manifestation of the Potential, and as such it could only realize what the Potential wanted.
Because of this it has not achieved anything that has not been to its smallest detail according
to the wish of the Potential from its creation to this day.


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