What is an Angel?

Throughout the bible it is generally seen that the will of God is
usually imparted or carried out by angels.

Angels are spirits without bodies, who possess superior
intelligence, gigantic strength, and surpassing holiness.
Angels are composed of ethereal matter, thus allowing them
to take on whichever physical form best suits their immediate needs.

They enjoy an intimate relationship to God as His special adopted
children, contemplating, loving, and praising Him in heaven. Some of
them are frequently sent as messengers to men from on high.

Angels are the essence of love and joy and stem from the Heart of God/Goddess.

- Now, you will ask why God/Goddess? Is God a female or male?
- He is neither and both at the same time. What is referred to us as
God is just the Supreme Source of the hole Existence, a Spirit of
such a magnitude, so unconceivable, that has no sex and could be both
at the same time if it chooses to. So the reference to God/Goddess was
just to emphasize that however you choose to call upon him/her/it it's
of no importance.

Angels are countless in their number, and flock around the Universe in
their millions. Angels are dedicated to serve the needs of all free
will entities so that you may experience the same level of
unconditional love as they do. Each Angel carries out its assigned
task without any hint of hesitation as they take great joy and
pleasure in offering their Loving Wisdom and Guidance. Everyone has
Angels around them constantly, without exception, and they are eager
and excited at the opportunity to communicate with you.

Angels was created with one purpose, the purpose to love and to serve
all without condition. In doing so, Angels hold a focus of pure love
throughout the Universe and are therefore able to set up a resonance
for the vibration of pure love wherever it is needed. You on the other
hand, are a free will entity. That means that you have chosen to
develop your ability to exist with unconditional love by gaining much
experience through many lifetimes and many varied forms of existence.

The Angels have been created to counter balance any energies or
actions that move in the opposite direction to love so that you will
eventually remember your true essence.

In Christian religion and theology an angel can also be a member of
the lowest order of the nine-fold celestial hierarchy this is a
ranking which comes directly below archangels. A fallen angel is
often classed as a devil, like Satan himself; whereas a guardian
angel is classed as a human guide or protector. Angels are commonly
represented by a figure with wings and wearing a long white robe.
They are also sometimes depicted wearing halos which emanate from
the angels' head in a glorious wreath of light, serving as a symbol
of divine wisdom. Angels do not die or age, they are immortal,
created by God and existing since the Creation. Generally they are
accepted as being the guardians of souls. Although angels are
generally divine, they have been shown to be fallible and prone to
sin, particularly pride. One of the most notable examples of this
being Satan and his fallen army.

Angels can take on a variety of different forms.
In Ezekiel 1:16-21, Isaiah 6:1-3, and throughout the book of
Revelation they are described as taking on not only the appearance
of men but many fantastical forms. A notable example was the
angel who took on the appearance of a burning bush. The image of
an angel with wings tends to symbolize the spiritual nature of the
being. The purpose of the wings being to allow the angel to travel
through the ether as well as being a symbol of divine authority.

Angels are everywhere and you can ask for Angels to assist you with
anything you wish. There is no limit! In fact, if no Angel is
available for a particular task, an Angel is created as an answer to
your wish or prayer, just for you! Yes, the You and the Divine create
Angels on request. Angels are God/Goddess making a personal visit,
but in a scaled down form. However, the love that they have is just
as immeasurable. Remember - Angels are bound by the laws of Free Will.
Therefore, they can not assist us in our lives unless we ask them too.
So, donít forget to ask!

- Here is it again God/Goddess and the same question arises.
- Angels appear to us with many forms and shapes. Many times the
qualities of an Angel are so delicate that they choose female forms
or even masculine bodies with female face characteristics. An Angel
will appear to us with the form that is best for us.

A Spirit Guide is also a free will entity, but has evolved over what
you would consider to be a long time. They are part of a group
consciousness of beings that have evolved beyond form into beings
of pure light and essence. Although Angelic in nature, Spirit Guides
are a free will entity and therefore choose their path of further
growth. Spirit Guides are master teachers and are able to travel and
navigate through many, many levels of existence. They are here to
Guide and teach when you are willing to listen. They are always
communicating to you through your thoughts, music, your environment,
wherever they need to be in order to get your attention.

Everyone has at least one Guardian Angel, and sometimes two or three.
A Guardian Angel is a being that is dedicated to serve and to help
you throughout your lifetime. However, the relationship is somewhat
deeper than that. Your Guardian Angel was created out of the same
essence that makes up your soul. It could be said to be a higher, or
essence aspect of yourself. Your Guardian Angel isn't essentially
separate from you, it has absolute and unequivocal dedication to you
and travels with you on every journey that you as a free will entity
choose to make. Your Guardian Angel makes an agreement with your soul
to assist it in completing any task it has decided to undertake. This
is the reason why Angels have been known to make miraculous rescues
from accidents. If a soul has decided to remain focused on the Earth
Plane for a given length of time, an Angel will assist in getting
someone out of trouble who's 'time is not up'. Angels and their
miracles are God's way of remaining anonymous.

An Angel, is complete, unified and centered within the Heart of the
Divine at all times. An Angel does not question or contemplate itself,
it simply is. In being itself, it is a bundle of God's ever present
love and grace. An Angel has been created to serve, love, hold and
support those to who it is assigned, and those who ask for Angelic
support. Angels are to be found in every corner of the Universe, and
in their millions! If you could see Angels with the naked eye, you
would be amazed at just how populated the Earth really is. Have you
ever felt a breath of cool air brush along your cheek when alone
somewhere? That might very well have been an Angel moving aside as
you walked into an Angel conference, quite unaware!

So, if you have a Guardian Angel, why do guides make contact with
humans? Your Guardian Angel is that part of your eternal being that
is holding a vision and focus of you as a unified child of
God-Goddess. Your guide, on the other hand, is here to assist you in
making easier choices that will help you to grow through experiences
with joy and with more ease. Not all guides are permanent, once you
have learned all that you can with one guide, another will often take
over and take you further. Your Guardian Angel has love and
protection to impart, and as such, his or her purpose is to provide
you with a reflection of your true nature so that you may never
totally forget the essence of the Divine. You could say, your
Guardian Angels holds the 'blueprint' of what you truly are in focus
so that you may awaken to that ultimate truth. The ultimate being
that you are, one that is pure love, that you are God!

There are Angels for just about every function you can think of, and
many more! There is no limit to how many Angels you can have in your
life and there is no limit to what you may ask for! You can ask
Angels to assist you with any project, problem or issue you may have.
You may call upon Angels whenever you wish to and for whatever purpose
provided that the purpose is not intended to hurt or injure anyone or
the Earth itself. Ask the Angels to fill your home with love, ask
them to watch over your children at school, ask them to travel with
you on long journeys, ask them to sponsor you when you are trying to
stop smoking or are trying to lose weight and get healthier. Ask an
Angel to take care of your computer or to assist you in resolving an
argument with a friend or relative. There is no limit to what you may
ask an Angel to do for you. By simply getting used to blessing all
that you experience and through asking Angels to be present
everywhere on your life, you will begin to embody Angelic qualities
in your life. You will be more open to the love and abundance of the
Universe. You will begin to experience more joy, health and laughter
as you sense the wings of Angels as they fly around every aspect of
your life.

Angels Beliefs !
In many religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam, it is
believed that between God and mankind there are intermediary beings,
called angels. They are bodiless entities that perform certain tasks
for God and are commonly thought of as the messengers of God. Angels
are good spirits, unlike their counterparts the demons. They are
usually portrayed as having a human form, being dressed in long,
white clothes, surrounded by a bright light and with long,
swanlike wings. They were portrayed thus by artist, often on
Church command, to alert the faithful that angels are more than
human. There are cases, however, where angels appeared as
ordinary men and were mistaken as such
(the story of Lot, for instance).

In the early stages of mankind, the belief in spirits was universal.
The primitive man believed that there were no good or bad spirits.
A spirit simply had powers, called manna, with which it could
do either good or evil. With the emerging of Christianity and
other major religions, the belief in these kind of spirits was
condemned, and they became demons. The belief in angels and
demons can be traced back to ancient Persian religion where
there were two supreme beings: Ahura Mazda and his eternal
opponent Angra Mainyu. The first represents good and the second
represents evil. Both have followers and servants, angels serve
Ahura Mazda, while demons serve Angra Mainyu. Here the
distinction was first made between good and evil spirits.

In the Old Testament angels play a prominent role as the
messengers from God. Also in the Old Testament the leading
demon, Satan, is introduced. However, it was not until the
New Testament that Satan was portrayed as Lucifer
(actually Satan and Lucifer are two separate fallen angels),
the first of the fallen angels to rebel against God. In the
New Testament, angels are present at all the important
events in the life of Jesus. Here, they became more than
just messengers; they are portrayed as the agents of
God in bringing judgment to the world.

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