Iím often asked ďcan I speak to my angels and how do I do it?Ē

Itís not science, but there are some basic principles that will help you. Youíve probably heard from your angels at some time, you just didnít realize it. Itís that feeling or voice that says ďwatch outĒ or makes you feel like you just have to do something.

But how do you actively converse with your angels? First you need to get into the right frame of mind and spirit. What you expect is what you can manifest. Thatís the law.

Angels donít operate in a world that is governed by the same limitations that we live with on a daily basis. First you have to believe that angels are real and that they are there to help you. Make a clear decision that you are going to invite the spirit of the angels into your life. If you do not faithfully request their presence, then you may not receive it. Part of the law that governs angels is that they may not interfere with your free will, except in times of danger when your life may be threatened and it is not yet time for your soul to transition.

First you must find a quiet time and place in your day. Go somewhere where you know that you will not be disturbed. Take the time to sit and relax. Take a few deep breaths and let any negative thoughts or feelings drift away. You will find this simple breathing exercise helpful in relaxing your body and mind. Take a deep breath from deep in your diaphragm, in through your nose. Hold this breath for a count of 4. Then slowly exhale through your mouth to a count of 4. Repeat this at least 3-4 times.

Try to keep your mind alert but peaceful. Now make a point to personally invite the spirit of the angels to enter your heart. You may simply say ďangels, I invite you into my heart and into my life.Ē Focus on the areas you require guidance in. Make up your mind that you will receive whatever guidance it is youíre seeking. Believing this will help you to receive it. Just be patient and let it happen.

Remember that angels are gentle spirits. You must listen carefully for their quiet, inner voice. Let your heart and mind go with the spirit and allow their gentle presence and that quiet, inner voice to speak to you. You may feel a sense of peace and clarity, a quiet energy, and sometimes a chilly or warm tingling coming over you. This all depends on how much you are able to let go. You may want to have a notebook or a journal handy so that you can write down any thoughts or words that might come to you.

Just try to record what comes to you, whatever pops into your consciousness. If you have a particular need, ask a question and just listen. Remember that, like everything else thatís worthwhile, it might take a little bit of time for you to become comfortable enough with the process for it to be able to fully work for you.

Be grateful after an angelic experience. Let the angels know that you will be contacting them again and that you will try to become more aware of them in your daily life. Invite them to bring peace, protection, healing and guidance into your life. You may find that if you seek their presence on a regular basis that your relationship with them will only continue to grow and become an even greater benefit to you.

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