Angel's Presance

All you have to do is eigther site in a chair or lye on your bed. (Beginners should lye on the bed.) Close your eyes and imagine a bright white light in front of you. You get closer, and closer until you start to see something or someone with in the light. You walk towards it. And see that its a person. Man or Woman your souls decision. You all forth to it and say:

Angel of Light Hear my cries
Spirit from the other side
Take away darkness take away pain
Allow me to know How I truly feel again. As I will, So mote it be!

Angel of light Hear my cries
Spirits from the other side.
Take away darkness and leave only light. As I will, So mote it be!

Say one or the other depending upon what it is that your trying to acomplish.
In the end you should be communicating with your Light guardian.
Your sould knows who it is and will recognize this being when it arives. You should feel a pulse or a slight tingle when you do this the first time. Its normal so don't worry.

When you do this you must remember that its just like meditation. So you must keep your eyes closed until you feel that what you wanted to happen is complete. I'm not saying that you should keep them closed all day till the next, but what you should do is feel comfortable in your body and soul.

If you begin to hear things while your in this state thats ment to happen, if it does not try to consintrate until you sense that they want you to see instead of hear.

Its ok if you fall asleep when you do this don't be afraid. If you fear what your doing then STOP don't go any further.

If you have any questions or don't understand what i'm saying let me know E-mail me and I'll be more than happy to explain it further.

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