Reiki Meditation

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Reiki Meditation

Reiki is a Japanese technique for reducing stress and promote relaxation as it promotes healing. It is believed that an unseen life force energy is flowing through us and is what that causes us to be alive.” If one’s life force is low, one is likely to feel sick and it is high one is capable of being happy and healthy. “Rei”, means God’s wisdom or the higher power.” Ki “, which is a life force energy. So Reiki is actually spiritually guided force energy.

This life force energy is focused by the master to the ailing person and heals them through meditation and healing techniques. Meditation is the art of quieting one’s mind, listening to the silence and focusing one’s self inwards. Prayer is the practice of talking to the divine. Meditation is the practice of listening to the god or the divine in you. This act take’s place in special moments that one sets aside specifically for the purpose of meditation or inherently one must create time for it daily. Usei sensei taught his students –Reiki, the Gassho meditation –Gassho means two hands coming together. Students who want to meditate the reiki way must sit in Gassho position every morning and evening ,still one’s mind and creating a single pointed focus in meditation.

One has to place their hands in prayer position, close one’s eyes and bring all their awareness to the tip of the middle finger or the fire finger. When one’s mind start to wander one must press the fire fingers together and refocus.
One then begins the prayers of his self, or the others and the planet. Next one sends the distant reiki to all those who have requested it.

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