Science Proves Psychic Healing #1

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Science Proves Psychic Healing #1

Physical evidence that energies associated with psychic
or spiritual healing can be detected and measured, using
standard laboratory equipment, may be “one of the most
exciting developments of this decade.”
Furthermore, these subtle energies seem to be electrical
in nature. They also may be more than that (many
healers contend the source of their energies is divine),
but experimenters are beginning to use a term for healing
energies coined by the late Baltimore healer Ambrose
Worrall--para-electricity, meaning “beyond electricity.”
Authority for the preceding statements is Dr. Robert
N. Miller (Ph.D.), industrial research scientist, who heads a
team of physicists and healers attempting to determine how
these energies are generated, how they are stored and how
they may be used with maximum efficiency.
It was Dr. Miller and the research team, including Dr.
Philip B. Reinhart, chairman of the physics department at
Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia, who proved that
the para-electricity transmitted by a healer can be directed
to a particular location and there detected by appropriate
laboratory device.
The device was a modern cloud chamber (a modification
of the Wilson cloud chamber invented by British physicist
and 1927 Nobel Prizewinner Charles T. R. Wilson) ordinarily
employed to study the paths of subatomic particles which
are made visible in a saturated air and alcohol vapor. Dr.
Miller and Dr. Reinhart first tested the device’s effectiveness
for detecting psychic energies when healer Olga Worrall
visited the college in January, 1974. For many years Olga
worked with her husband Ambrose and has continued
her free healing services and research with physicians and
scientists since his death in 1972.
She and Dr. Miller reported on their experiments,
including those in the laboratory and subsequently at a
distance, before an audience of some 1,700 persons at
a symposium on “Thought As Energy” at the beautiful
Founder’s Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles in
February 1976. The program was sponsored by the Ernest
Holmes Research Foundation which honors the church’s
founder and provided funds for the project.
The Miller-Worrall presentation was titled “Scientific
methods for the Detection and Measurement of Healing
Energies,” admittedly a bold statement of accomplishment in
an area usually considered to be entirely paranormal.
Dr. Worrall (she has two honorary doctorates) described
what happened when she placed her hands near the cloud
chamber but did not touch it.
“I visualized healing energy flowing from my hands,”
she said, “just as I do when treating a patient. After about half
a minute we saw a wave pattern develop in the sensitive zone

of the chamber. The waves were parallel to my hands and
seemed to be moving from the right hand toward the left.”
She had previously said she does her most effective healing
work with her left hand.
“After several minutes, I shifted the position of my hands
90 degrees. The waves began to change direction and soon
were moving at a right angle to their original path. Other
members of the research team placed their hands around
the cloud chamber to see if they could produce a visible
effect. Nothing happened.”
Several weeks later the experiment was repeated at a
distance of some 600 miles. Dr. Worrall was at home in
Baltimore, Maryland and the cloud chamber was still at
the college in Atlanta. What happened was not precisely
according to plan but the results perhaps were even more
meaningful than if the plan had been strictly followed.
Dr. Worrall explained, “Dr. Miller asked me to concentrate
my thoughts and energies on the cloud chamber at exactly
8:50 P.M. He also suggested that I mentally hold my hands at
the sides of the chamber for several minutes and then change
the orientation 90 degrees as I did when I was actually
present in the physics laboratory.
“But I was not able to reverse the flow because they forgot
to tell me they had changed lab rooms. So when I projected
my mind to the original room it was in darkness and I had
to go down the hall and find one that lighted. I was quite
annoyed with them because they didn’t tell me where it was
going to be. So I forgot to reserve my hands!”
Nevertheless, the experiment was a success--in more
ways than one. At 8:53 the mist in the cloud chamber began
to pulsate and the wave motion continued for approximately
seven minutes. Then the motion subsided but did not change
direction. “It was their fault,” said the healer.
The scientists waited expectantly for a change of
direction of the wave motion. It never came, thus eliminating
any idea that suggestion on their part was affecting the
A second “transmissions” of healing power to Atlanta
from Baltimore a few minutes later produced similar results,
and eight minutes were required for the unidirectional
undulations in the cloud chamber to subside.
This was a further verification of the physical effect
of healing energies, including absent healing, and the
implication is inescapable: that it is reasonable to believe
such energies may have a profound influence on body cells.
So Dr. Miller and his colleagues set about trying to find
other methods of detecting the energies and, probably more
important, a method of measuring them.
“Since plants are living systems, and like human beings,
are reputed to have an etheric or nonphysical counterpart,
there was a good possibility they could serve as detectors,”
said Dr. Miller. “Absorption of the energy by the nonphysical part of the plant could produce a measurable reaction
in the physical.”

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