Best Meditation Music

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Best Meditation Music

Music has been used in Meditation since its very beginning. Certain music has healing benefits to those who meditate. There is a lot of truth in this, since music influence one's mood and state of mind. The most common effect of music, in this case relaxing meditation music, is its calming effect. Those who listen will feel relaxed and make meditation more pleasant. Other special meditation and tribal music have cleansing effect. This kind of music usually works on your Chakras. Certain vibration and frequency clean your chakras and mental bodies.

Along with other meditation equipment, such as meditation chairs, meditation music has been selling well. In Meditation forum we could see lots of people sell and discuss which meditation music is the best. Some people would argue that the traditional tribal music, such as Native American or Indian Music is the best, while the others are insisting on the more modern, electronically produced meditation music. The fact of the matter, they are both are right. As long as the music makes them more relaxed and pleasant, listening to such music in meditation is good. However, this habit could lead to dependency. Those who always depend on music to make their meditation more relaxing and pleasant will be too dependent on the music itself. We heard a lot of confession that they could not do a deep meditation without a good meditation music.

Meditation is one way to communicate with the Source, the Beginning of Everything and nothing is supposed to come between you and The Source. Although most of the times you will be assisted by Light Masters, Angels and Arch Angels, especially in the beginning, you can communicate with The Source directly, without any help from anybody or anything. The Divine Love and Lights that comes from the Source is the Best Music of All. When you are blessed with it, you will feel overwhelmed and full of joy - more than any music in the world could hypnotize you .

When you are meditating in Pure Unconditional Love, You could do it anywhere you wish. You could meditate in the park, in your living room, or even while you are working. You don't need to close your eyes to have Divine Love & Lights pouring in through your Crown Chakra. Meditating or communicating with The Source will never be the same again, You could do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This way, you are always connected to The Source, without any limitation.

One has to remember, The Source is limitless. So, why are we limiting ourselves in order to communicate (meditating) with Him? Do not limit yourselves with rituals, music or even sitting position. The best music is meditation is the inner smile from deep within you. You are now set to communicate with Him, anywhere and anytime. Enjoy it.

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