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Here are some simple but powerful spells for various purposes. They can be practiced by anyone who believes in them.
Physical (and Mental) Health Spell
1 white candle
1 yellow candle
1 orange candle
Altar or small table
Place the candles on the altar so that the white is in the center, the yellow to its left and the orange to its right. Light the white candle and say aloud:
This candle is lit to renew my spirit
Light the yellow candle while saying:
This flame fires up my imaginations.
Light the orange candle while saying:
This flame makes my body strong and healthy.
Thank the candles for their assistance and extinguish.
Simple Home Protection Spell
A collection of threads of various colors
A small container with a tight lid
Using the scissors, cut the threads into inch long pieces and allow them to fall into the jar as you say:
Bits of thread, protection shed.
When the jar becomes full, close the lid and draw a pentagram on the lid with your finger. In order to charge it with the protective powers you are seeking, state the following:
Oh, Hestia of the hearth and home-
Guard my family with your might.
Protect them from all ills that roam,
With this little jar, sealed tight.
Protect this home, oh Hestia too,
Confine all evil to this jar.
Bring good vibrations- old and new-
And grant good will from near and far.
Place the jar in a central location of your home or near a particularly troubling area.
Recharge Psychic Energy
1 to 2 drops of jasmine oil
1 to 2 drops of geranium oil
a small oil burner
3 clear Quartz crystals
Prepare yourself with a soothing bath infused with salts. Dry off and head into a room where you can lie down comfortably. Lay one quartz crystal in between your eyebrows, where the third eye chakra is located. Hold the other crystals one in each hand. The one on your head should point down and the others up. Imagine a surge of warm golden energy flowing through your feet and raising up through the rest of your body, into the palms where it will light the crystals. The energy keeps moving into your head and exit through your third eye chakra. Your powers have been recharged.
Repair Your Self Esteem
A handful of bay leaves
Lavender oil
1 purple candle
1 yellow candle
Jasmine oil
Purple thread
Run a bath to your depth and temperature preferences. Stir in the lavender oil and bay leaves. Light the candles and enter the bath. With closed eyes, visualize a confident warm orange light entering your body with every breath while a doubting gray light exits with your exhalations. Visualize a yellow colored light around your head that slips down your body, covering every inch of you. State aloud six times:
I am gorgeous,
I am beautiful,
I am a Goddess.
Exit the bath, blow out the candles and thread the bay leaves on the thread. When you feel the self esteem leaving you again, heat the jasmine in a burner, light the candles and hold up the leaves while repeating the above chant.

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