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  • All About Alternative Medicine
    Article that explaines what alternative medicine means and where it comes from,also takes a look at the term herbal and acupuncture.


  • Four Spells for Health and Wellness
    Spells for attaining physical and mental health, protecting the home, recharging psychic energy and repairing self esteem.
  • The Scented home
    For anyone who loves herbs, essential oils, and natural fragrances, a
    wonderful way to improve daily happiness is to use them in scenting the
    home. I have listed some daily suggestions, that I have found enjoyable.
    Many also make easy and unusual gift ideas.
  • Pet Aromatherapy Tip
    If you have dogs and they travel with you in the car you may want to try this carpet fresh.
  • Attraction Oil
    Attraction Oil
    Based on an oil recipe handed down to me

Essential Oils


  • Easy Panic Attack Cures Tips
    We firstly need to figure out the nature of anxiety to find a therapy. So let us start. Each person has their own set of fears. As a youngster, you can be terrified of bogey men under the bed or demons that worry you at night. As teenagers, you came across several anxiety on your first day of school or prior to an important test.Do we outgrown fear?
  • Best Meditation Music
    Music has been used in Meditation since its very beginning. Certain music has healing benefits to those who meditate. There is a lot of truth in this, since music influence one's mood and state of mind. The most common effect of music, in this case relaxing meditation music, is its calming effect. Those who listen will feel relaxed and make meditation more pleasant. Other special meditation and tribal music have cleansing effect. This kind of music usually works on your Chakras. Certain vibration and frequency clean your chakras and mental bodies.
  • Science Proves Psychic Healing #3
    healing alternative medicine
  • Science Proves Psychic Healing #1
    Science Proves Psychic Healing

Herbs and Plants


  • Reiki Healing And Reiki Therapy
    Reiki can be used for healing only by people who are attuned to it. One must understand the fact that the mind exists not only in the brain but also throughout the body therefore negative thoughts get collected in the aura and it restricts in the flow of “Ki” .
  • Reiki Meditation
    ne has to place their hands in prayer position, close one’s eyes and bring all their awareness to the tip of the middle finger or the fire finger. When one’s mind start to wander one must press the fire fingers together and refocus.
    One then begins the prayers of his self, or the others and the planet. Next one sends the distant reiki to all those who have requested it.

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